In a head-to-head comparison with leading competitors, the Vantage Pro wins in 9 of the cart’s 9 critical features. Starting with the industry’s first 7-year Bumper to Bumper warranty (compared to 4 years for their larger competitors), Vantage-TagThe fleet car is superior in comfort, durability, style and value.

The Vantage Pro includes a 105Ah lithium battery (compared to our larger competitors’ 60Ah lithium), 5kW AC brushless motor, on-board charger with Bluetooth connection to battery and motor controller. Offered in a sleek ivory color with luxurious beige seats with rectangular stitching, the Vantage Pro also comes standard with 2 bottles of sand/seeds and a club/ball washer, at no extra cost.

The most popular differentiator of the Vantage Pro offerings is the integrated GPS TAG fleet management system. The TAG GOLF GPS is included with every cart for a limited time ($599.99 value). This comprehensive GPS-based course management system offers real-time cart tracking, game pacing, smart car/cart destruction with unlimited restricted areas, increased fleet security, geo-tracking, custom features, remote access via a mobile application, and much more. Vantage-Tag customers receive unlimited service, support, cellular, data, warranty, and software upgrades for the duration of the lease. Vantage TAG Systems also provides an on-site service contract with all fleet rentals and fleet purchases. That’s what we call The Vantage Advantage!

With its new Vantage Pro fleet cars on the way to the factory, Vantage-Tag is offering multiple promotions such as the amazing Marshal single-driver cart ($7900 value) for every order of 39 fleet cars or 2 Marshal for orders for 70 fleet cars. or more.

This is the perfect time to upgrade your fleet. Vantage Pro is available for rental, purchase, and ready to ship anywhere in North America. On-site demonstrations are available upon request.

To rent or purchase fleet cars for your course, visit Vantage Pro – Vantage Tag Systems (vantage-tag.com)’


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