Two teenagers are on trial for the burglary of firearms worth $20,000


WENATCHEE – Two minors – a 14-year-old from East Wenatchee and a 17-year-old from Wenatchee – are due to stand trial this month for a burglary in Malaga that yielded around 30 firearms worth more than 20 $000.

Police say two of those guns were later found in the possession of Wenatchee Valley gang members.

The two young suspects in the break-in are charged with first-degree burglary while armed with a deadly weapon, plus 24 counts each of theft of a firearm. Chelan County detectives say the two men used a shotgun to shoot the locks on the door of a gunsmith in Malaga on April 4, and once inside they fled with several handguns, a shotgun, assault rifles and other weapons.

Some of the assault rifles ranged from 6.5mm to .308 caliber, and the pistols taken ranged from .22 caliber to .40 caliber and 10mm. A 12-gauge shotgun was also stolen, police said. Deputies say the break-in and theft was filmed at the store, as was the vehicle in which the suspects arrived.

Three days later, Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated a report of unloaded firearms at a southeast Wenatchee gravel pit and saw a vehicle drive off that matched the SUV seen in the video of the armory. Detectives interviewed the owner of the SUV and said they found .308 ammunition in the vehicle that the owner had not placed there.

The SUV had already been driven by one of the juvenile suspects, police said, and both were arrested around five days after the break-in. Searches of the properties where they lived reportedly uncovered firearms bearing serial numbers matching the stolen weapons. The teenagers have since been held in juvenile detention.

While investigating a suspected gang-related robbery on April 1, East Wenatchee police arrested two suspects – one 15-year-old from East Wenatchee, the other 16-year-old from Rock Island – April 15 in the Eastmont Community Park. Police said two handguns recovered in those arrests were linked to the Malaga burglary.

About 23 of the stolen firearms had been recovered two weeks ago. The two teenagers are now on trial May 27 in Chelan County Juvenile Court.


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