Tom Cruise flipped and totaled the Toyota Land Cruiser in Hawaii


‘Top Gun: Maverick’ star Tom Cruise has had an accident on the Isle of Lanai. He was visiting the exclusive Hawaiian island owned by Oracle founder Larry Ellison. Ellison’s son, David, is the executive producer of Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick, among many other projects. While driving around the island in Ellison’s Toyota Land Cruiser, he overturned the SUV, leaving it totaled.

Where was Tom Cruise driving a Toyota Land Cruiser?

Tom Cruise stunt double driving in a movie scene | Getty

Billionaire Ellison bought the island in 2012 for $300 million. Cruise visited the island shortly after its purchase. But news of Cruise’s accident only surfaced after Bloomberg revealed the events on Lanai. He claims that Ellison and the “super rich” are pushing the native islanders out of Lanai.

The island is becoming more exclusive day by day as prices skyrocket and the wealthy flock there. Lanai is approximately 90,000 acres and has just under 3,000 residents. It has two Four Seasons resorts and an exclusive Nobu restaurant, as well as other commercial buildings and businesses.

What happened after the Land Cruiser accident?

Tom Cruise at the wheel

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Bloomberg confirmed with a number of residents about the cruise accident. Because most Lanai roads are unpaved, it makes navigating the island riskier. A local land and management company, also owned by Ellison, cleaned up and recycled the wreckage.

No police report was filed. This is because no one was injured in the Land Cruiser crash, and Lanai is considered private property. Ellison owned the totaled Land Cruiser and the tow truck that transported it. So, “nothing to see here friends, go your way”. Those who spoke to Bloomberg reporters did so by requesting anonymity.

Lanai Four Seasons, the Maui Police Department, which has jurisdiction over the island, as well as representatives for Ellison and Cruise, did not respond to requests for comment. Since Ellison’s purchase of Lanai, controversy has ensued. Supposedly, he’s slowly turning it into a “welfare utopia” for the wealthy.

Why was there no report on the accident?

Discontinued SUVs set to make a comeback

The Toyota Land Cruiser SUV rolling in the dirt | Toyota

But as the island slowly transforms, reports of the families allegedly forced to leave are making headlines. Some have lived in Lanai for generations. This was part of the gist of the article. To explore some of the changes that have occurred to the island and its native families.

Because Ellison owns the rental car company, the Land Cruiser belongs to him. And because of the secrecy surrounding things that may or may not have happened there, it’s no surprise that it took 10 years for the Land Cruiser crash to surface.

At the time Cruise was there, two Four Seasons hotel employees were reportedly suspended for blurting out that Cruise was visiting the island. And because of the image Cruise wants to convey, the idea that he couldn’t keep an SUV on a dirt road without running it over doesn’t fit that.

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