Three arrested in Marbella with a gun in their vehicle

An undercover Malaga policeman seriously injured in a car chase. CREDIT: national police

Three arrested in Marbella with gun found in vehicle

National Police officers arrested three occupants of a vehicle in the city of Malaga in Marbella after its driver attempted to escape a patrol car using evasive maneuvers. A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered a 22LR caliber firearm and cartridges, hidden inside a pair of sneakers in the glove compartment.

As reported by the provincial police in a press release, the 33-year-old driver, of Spanish origin, was arrested for alleged involvement in the possession of an illegal weapon. One of the vehicle’s occupants, a 24-year-old Colombian, was also arrested when it was discovered that he had committed a traffic safety violation against his name.

The third occupant, a 33-year-old Colombian, was arrested for violating immigration law when it was discovered he was in the country illegally.

Police patrol noticed vehicle acting suspiciously

This incident occurred a few days ago as a Marbella National Police patrol car was driving on Avenida del Prado. Officers detected a vehicle that aroused their suspicion, its driver apparently maneuvering to avoid them.

Faced with this situation, the officers decided to park the car and identify its occupants. After discovering their individual circumstances, a thorough search of the vehicle was carried out. It was at this time that the firearm was recovered, along with 89 cartridges.

The three detainees were transferred to the police station in order to carry out the appropriate procedures, before presenting them to the judicial authorities. In addition to the initial offenses, two of them were also sanctioned for allegedly violating LO 4/2015 on the protection of citizens’ security. One for carrying a knife and the other for possession of narcotics, as reported


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