The most expensive cities for car rental


Asian Delight // Shutterstock

The most expensive cities for car rental

A sign indicating where customers can rent a car

Sopotnicki // Shutterstock

#25. Buffalo, New York

Cars in Buffalo, New York

KI Photography // Shutterstock

#24. Little Rock, Arkansas

Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas

Felix Mizioznikov // Shutterstock

#23. Salt Lake City

Cars at an intersection in Salt Lake City, Utah

Actual window creation // Shutterstock

#22. Seattle

Downtown Seattle seen from Interstate 5

Joseph Sohm // Shutterstock

#21. Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island, skyline with a parking lot in the foreground

Jacob Boomsma // Shutterstock

#20. Dayton, Ohio

An aerial view of Dayton, Ohio in the summer

amadeustx // Shutterstock

#19. Jackson, Mississippi

The Lamar Life Building in downtown Jackson, Mississippi

Ted PAGEL // Shutterstock

#18. Springfield, Missouri

A street scene of cars and buildings at night in downtown Springfield, Missouri

See separately // Shutterstock

#17. Los Angeles

Hollywood Blvd at sunset

Photography by Roschetzky // Shutterstock

#16. Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi, Texas

Sam Wagner // Shutterstock

#15. Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota with a freeway in the foreground

f11photo // Shutterstock

#14. Chicago

Traffic in downtown Chicago, Illinois

Sean Pavone // Shutterstock

#13. Memphis, TN

Historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee

Sean Pavone // Shutterstock

#12. Akron, Ohio

Akron, Ohio, with a parking lot in the foreground

Felix Mizioznikov // Shutterstock

#11. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Aerial view of downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana

NoyanYalcin // Shutterstock

#ten. Boston

Cars lining a street in Boston, Massachusetts

Kevin Ruck // Shutterstock

#9. Colombia, South Carolina

Downtown Columbia, South Carolina

Tim Roberts Photography // Shutterstock

#8. Phoenix

Loop 101 and I-17 interchange in Phoenix, Arizona

f11photo // Shutterstock

#seven. New Orleans

The French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana

Stacy Ellen // Shutterstock

#6. Madison, Wis.

Cars driving in Madison, Wisconsin

Mihai_Andritoiu // Shutterstock

#5. Hartford, Connecticut

The Hartford skyline with a highway in the foreground

Jacob Boomsma // Shutterstock

#4. Rochester, Minnesota

Aerial view of Rochester, Minnesota

Michael715 // Shutterstock

#3. Newark, New Jersey

Cars and people outside the entrance to Newark Penn Station in Newark, New Jersey

Ryan DeBerardinis // Shutterstock

#2. New York City

Traffic in New York, New York

Erick C. Freitas // Shutterstock

#1. White Plains, New York

Aerial view of White Plains, New York


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