Taos mother arrested for DWI with 3 kids in car


TAOS, NM – A Taos mother is facing charges after she was accused of driving drunk with her three children inside the car, and she did herself a disservice once the police caught up with her.

Video shows the moment a New Mexico State Police officer spots an SUV speeding ahead of him in Taos two weeks ago.

The officer tried to stop the driver, but they didn’t stop. Instead, the driver continues, driving on dirt roads, before pulling away.

About five minutes later, the officer spots the same SUV and follows it down the street.

“Let me see your hands, let me see your hands!”

The driver was Valerie Andrews, 28, who comes out with her hands up and is handcuffed.

The officers then realize that there are three young children in the car. The officers transport the three to safety one by one, then they begin to question Andrews.

Officer: “Why did you run away from me? »

Andrew: “Are you running away?

Officer: “Yeah. Why did you run away from me?

Andrew: “I live around the corner. No one runs away from anyone.

Police said Andrews began to resist as they put her in the back of a patrol unit, kicking, screaming and pushing back.

Officer: “Put your legs up. Stop! Stop!”

Andrew: “I’m home, I wasn’t running from anyone.”

Officers: “Stop resisting.”

And once inside the patrol unit, Andrews lies down in the backseat.

Andrew: “Dude, I’m already (expletive) home! »

A camera captures Andrew kicking and screaming all the way to jail, where she was convicted of child abuse, aggravated drunk driving and running from a law enforcement officer ‘order.


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