Spice of Life | Oh, for the glorious days of a simple but sturdy life


Sometimes, on a clear, cloudless morning, with the musical notes of chirping birds falling on my ears and the heavenly scent of jasmine floating in the balmy air, I step on the lush, damp grass and yield to a “unfamiliar” wave of optimism. , hoping that we will surely go back so slowly in time, to the old and glorious days of the simple but robust life.

When the net meant a wispy veil or a fisherman’s prop, when cockroaches, ghost images and bread crumbs had nothing to do with the world of young people’s dates but immediately brought to mind parasites, frightening apparitions and to Hansel and Gretel, when ‘photobomb’ didn’t make sense and would get you a rap from the English teacher, when ‘hangry’ didn’t mean you’re hungry and angry at the same time, when camping meant living rough it out in the open and no one had heard of ‘glamping’, when the word ‘manspread’ didn’t exist and men just sat around, taking up too much space in public places!

Maybe people will wake up before it’s too late and realize how intrusive and invasive social media is. For most of us, it started as a “free for all”, a place where information and entertainment were available on demand. Little did we know that we would be drawn into this dangerous vortex of addiction and obsession to the detriment of our entire social fabric.

By spreading all our private information, transferring money over the phone, using plastic cards as currency, we are getting into trouble without realizing it. Tons and tons of personal data of billions of people around the world are for sale to the highest bidder, for a certain price. Our choices are made for us the minute we open the internet because an anonymous Ivy League graduate, earning a six-figure salary, created algorithms based on what you and I have already surfed.

I search for international airfare and next time online I am continuously bombarded with ads for apartments, hotels, car rentals and local guides to that particular location. Every media platform needs our detailed personal data, then like puppets we stick to their paid information, toe the line and do their bidding.

Isn’t it time we started using our brains and stopped being mere pawns in the hands of these giant conglomerates and realized that we are becoming a world of narcissistic, selfish, meaningless people? Our social skills are lacking, our relationships are fragile, our tolerance levels have sunk to abysmal, and the collective mental and physical health of our children and generations to come is at stake.

In fact, I’m waiting for the day when it’s trendy and trendy so I’m not on a social media platform.

My typically old-fashioned husband prefers to personally go to the bank and interact with the manager on any business. Recently, he received a text message informing him of a transaction that he was sure he had not approved. We obviously got worried and tried to call the helpline. After an interminable wait, he managed to pass and then went through the long questions and checks. “Sir, do you use a debit card, do you do internet banking or any other form of online transaction?” ends up asking the call center employee. When my husband replied in the negative, he almost choked back a laugh and said, “Rest assured, sir, then no harm can befall you. Your bank account is quite secure and safe.


The writer is a freelance contributor based in Jalandhar


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