Search of David Ungi’s luxury Malaga apartment shown on dramatic police body camera


Spanish police have released video footage from inside the apartment a Liverpool fugitive lived in.

David Ungi jnr was arrested last Thursday in a gym in a shopping center in the town of Coin, Malaga, alongside three other men. The National Crime Agency (NCA) said police seized a Ruger 9mm handgun and ammunition from a backpack during the operation.

Ungi, from south Liverpool, was wanted for the murder of Vinny Waddington who was shot dead in Banks Road, Garston. Ungi left the UK less than 24 hours after Vinny’s death in 2015.

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Ungi, 30, was arrested at a gym inside a shopping center in the town of Coin, Malaga, alongside three other men. Spanish police have now released video footage which shows officers carrying out a subsequent search of the property where Ungi lived with his associates.

A court issued a warrant authorizing the police to search the building. Police said they found three guns in the apartment.

Ungi has already appeared in a Spanish court for a first appearance and extradition proceedings are expected to follow. Ungi is also wanted in connection with the heroin supply in the Liverpool area.

The other three arrested men were taken into custody after appearing in court.

Speaking after news of Ungi’s arrest was announced on Friday evening, Steve Reynolds, NCA Regional Director in Spain, said: “The arrest of three of the UK’s most wanted fugitives in one week is a fantastic achievement. Ungi is a very dangerous person and his arrest is good news for the communities of Liverpool and Spain.

David Ungi jnr was arrested in Malaga after seven years on the run

“These arrests would not have been possible without close cooperation between the UK police force and our law enforcement colleagues in Spain and Portugal. There are still a number of fugitives on our list of the most wanted, and they need to know that we will never give up and that we are never far behind them.”

Vinny, 18, was the passenger passenger on a scrambler-type motorbike driven by his friend Francis Humphries, which was hit by an Audi A3 car. Within seconds, a single shotgun blast was fired from the driver’s side window of the Audi.

Vinny suffered catastrophic injuries to the left side of his chest but was able to jump over a garden fence before collapsing. Mr Humphries was peppered with shotgun pellets but survived with relatively minor injuries.

Luke Kendrick and Ryan Bate were in the Audi and are set to receive life sentences after being convicted of murder in 2016, but detectives believe a third man was in the vehicle. It is not known which of the three fired the fatal shot and the murder weapon has never been found.


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