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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Are you planning to travel this summer? You may want to be careful before renting a car.

The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South says scammers pose as rental companies and display low prices online to lure victims.

The shortage of rental cars is causing prices to skyrocket, and scammers have found a clever way to cash in.

“I wish I was more alert and more in game because I’m 69, and that’s never happened to me before,” Linda Miller said.

Miller was recently trying to rent a car to drive to Nashville for her 50th wedding anniversary. She googled the number for what she thought was a legit car rental company.

The person who answered claimed to be with Avis.

“She confirmed the car to me, gave me the confirmation and everything, and said the only way to get this car is to have an American Express card,” she said.

The woman asked Miller to pay for the rental with a prepaid American Express card. She even sent Miller a photo of a Chevy Suburban.

When Miller went to pick him up, Avis told him she had been scammed.

“They informed me that they didn’t have a car for me, and the confirmation I received was a fake confirmation,” she said.

The Mid-South BBB said scammers are taking advantage of inflation and the shortage of rental cars to scam people out of their money.

Daniel Irwin said scammers create their own websites posing as car rental companies and advertising fake customer service numbers to convince travelers they are legit.

“If you know what the going rates are for a rental car, and all of a sudden you can get a Chevy Tahoe for an entire week for just $150, that’s too good to be true,” he said. he declares.

Miller said the situation taught him to be more careful.

“If you’re not where you’re supposed to be to rent a car or even buy a burger, don’t give them money up front,” she said.

The BBB said you should always look up a company’s customer support number on its official website instead of searching for it online.

The Avis website also states that they only accept prepaid gift cards at the end of the rental.

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