Samuel Ben Affleck, 10, had a minor accident in a Lamborghini


It wasn’t the summer movie he was hoping for.

Ben Affleck’s grandson got behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini SUV on Sunday and rammed the expensive sports car into another when he accidentally backed up.

Affleck and his fiancée Jennifer Lopez were working at a luxury car rental agency in Los Angeles when 10-year-old Samuel Garner Affleck walked into the wing corner.

Affleck allowed his son – who he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner – to ride in the driver’s seat of the flashy car.

The car – a Lamborghini Urus which rents for $1,475 a day – drove in the opposite direction and called a white BMW.

Samuel Affleck then got out of the car and checked both cars, the footage shows.

Ben Affleck also surveyed the damage and comforted his son after the accident. The photo shows him wrapping his arm around the boy in a tight embrace.

Ben Affleck’s son, Samuel Garber, crashes into a Lamborghini.
Little Affleck was given permission to jump into the driver’s seat.
No damage was done to the yellow Lamborghini or nearby cars.

a Affleck’s rep told TMZ That there was no harm. An employee of the agency, 777 Exotics, told the Post that the cars in their parking lot are parked tightly together.

“When [Samuel] I got in the car and drove back and forth,” he said. “We have some space and the cars are nearby.”

The employee said no one was hurt and there was no feeling of sadness. “Everyone was fine!” He said.

“They looked happy and kept on sailing,” he added.

Affleck loves cars,” the dealership employee said. “We hope they come back.”

A representative for Jennifer Garner could not be reached for comment.


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