RVRA survey shows growth potential for RV rentals


FAIRFAX, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–While many people only think of motorhomes when it comes to RV rentals, a new survey from the RV Rental Association (RVRA) found that 81% of RV rental dealers rent also RV trailers. Of rental dealers surveyed, 59% said more than a fifth of their business last year came from customers who already owned a suitable towing vehicle.

“Because pickup trucks and SUVs capable of towing many RV trailers are among the most popular vehicles in North America, it’s no surprise that towable RVs are popular with renters,” said said Scott Krenek of Krenek RV in Coloma, MI, president of RV. Rental Association (RVRA). “The RV rental market is healthy and has the potential for more growth. That’s why so many RVRA members are looking forward to a great summer.

The RV rental fleet will be about 2% larger this summer than a year ago due to supply chain disruptions. Families hoping to rent an RV for vacation will therefore need to act quickly to get the exact type of RV they want.

Supply chain disruptions affecting the towable RV manufacturing sector eased in March, April and May, so rental dealers will most likely have enough RV trailers in their rental fleets, said Krenek.

However, supply chain disruptions continue to impact car/truck manufacturers who supply motorhome chassis to motorhome builders, so fleet motorhome inventory rentals continue to be lean, Krenek said. This helps explain why 55% of rental dealers planned to keep some older units in their fleet this summer, replacing them only when new units arrive.

Despite the temporary dislocations, Krenek thinks, “RV vacations are a wonderful way to make memories with family and friends. Advance planning before you travel will make the experience even better.”

Another 37% of rental dealerships responding to the survey said more than a fifth of their business came from customers wanting to have a trailer delivered to a campground or other location of their choice, where staff from the dealership connects all utilities.

The use of the peer-to-peer platform is increasing

Renting a motorhome to private owners via peer-to-peer digital platforms has seen incredible growth in recent years, and the survey found that just over a quarter of rental dealers publish at least some of their rental fleet units on peer-to-peer platforms. . Potential renters should keep this in mind because dealerships know more than the typical owner about how RVs work, how to maintain them and how to fix them if they break down while in use, Krenek said.

RV Rental Tips

Here are a few other issues Krenek thinks consumers need to consider before renting an RV this summer. RVRA recommends that customers ask these basic questions:

  • Does the rental agency maintain regular hours for drop-off and pick-up?

  • For new RV renters, does the rental company provide orientation on RV systems and components?

  • Find out the age of the RV you’re considering renting and if it’s an older model, has it been professionally serviced?

  • If customers have questions about the RV during the trip, is there a phone number they can call or text for assistance?

  • What are the deposit conditions?

  • Is the RV that was described online the actual model that will be available upon pickup?

  • Who owns the RV you are renting and how does the insurance coverage work?

For RV owners considering renting their unit on their own, RVRA urges them to read and understand the terms of their RV’s manufacturer’s warranty as well as all component warranties. They must also read and understand the terms of any funding agreement associated with the unit.

RVRA is a unit of RVDA, and the survey was conducted as part of the RV Retailer Intelligence Program, a service of RV Assistance Corp. (RVAC), a wholly owned subsidiary of RVDA. To find an RVRA member company, visit www.rvra.org.


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