Priceless, but must be cheaper


528 km range, 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 5.2 seconds, European Car of the Year, self-driving capability and that spaceship-like design that turns heads into radars… everything about the EV6 feels special. We recently drove it around the Buddh International Circuit, the Formula 1 track near Delhi.

In ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Iron Man Tony Stark drove the ultra-futuristic Audi e-tron GT. The EV6 wouldn’t have felt out of place either. Need we say more?

The cabin
The EV6 is a large hatchback with a length of 4.7 meters and a wheelbase of 2.9 meters. That means a spacious cabin. But because the battery is under the floor, the floor feels higher than in petrol/diesel cars. This slightly changes the sitting position. More than half of the dashboard is a screen where you can control navigation, in-car functions, radio, telephone, media, driving modes and more. The steering wheel and the screen are oriented towards the driver. .

The reader
The EV6 is incredibly fast. Not only can it overwhelm you, but it can also make some occupants nervous. This extreme acceleration is not only from 0 to 100 km/h (in just 5.2 seconds), but from any speed at any speed.

The brakes are just as powerful and provide a feeling of security and control. The claimed range is 528km which could be close to the actual range as it is calculated using WLTP or the World Harmonized Light Duty Vehicle Test Procedure. It’s a lab test, but it’s world famous for its authenticity.

Real world range
In controlled driving conditions on a race track, it was difficult to verify the actual range. But the on-board computer indicated that it returned to 6.5 km/kWh. Rough calculations mean a range of 503 km (77.4 kWh battery times 6.5 km).

When I drove very fast on the race track and did hard braking and acceleration, the on-board computer showed the EV6 returning to 5.2 km/kWh. That also means a range of 402km, which is enough for week-long city trips. On highways, the EV6 will possibly cover nearly 500 km.

One-pedal driving
Once you set the brake energy regeneration to maximum, the EV6 switches to one-pedal riding mode. In this mode, every time you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, the car slows down so fast that it almost mimics conventional braking. This increases the range, because the mechanical energy of the wheels is transformed into electricity, which is then stored in the battery.

Is it a good buy?
From now on, it’s a “no purchase”. Kia India opened reservations for the EV6 on May 26 and received 355 reservations within a week. This means that the demand is huge. But Kia will only be able to supply 100 cars until September-October and later. So if you book today, chances are you’ll get your EV6 next year.

Do not worry. At Rs 59.95 lakh to Rs 64.95 lakh, it is expensive, especially since the BMW i4, launched last week for Rs 69.9 lakh, has a bigger battery and some people perceive it as a biggest brand. And Volvo will soon launch the XC40 Recharge in a similar price range. Beyond brand value, however, what the EV6 showed was that as a product, it’s nothing less than Volvo’s best or BMW’s best.

L x W x H (mm): 4695×1890×1550

Wheelbase: 2,900 millimeters

Battery: 77.4kWh

Engine power: 229 PS

Engine couple : 350Nm

350kW charger: 18 mins (10-80%)

50kW charger: 73 mins (10-80%)

Airbags: Eight

Autonomy: 528 kilometers

Price: Rs 59.95-64.95 lakh

Competitors: BMWi4

GT Line vs. GT Line AWD The GT Line AWD costs Rs 5 lakh more than the GT Line, and you get the following on top:—Automatic exterior door handles—Smart power tailgate—Meridian premium audio system with 14 speakers—All-wheel-drive system—Augmented reality head-up display


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