Parking prices at Glasgow Airport mean flying to Malaga and back is half the price of traveling to Renfrew


Last week we reported that Glasgow airport users are paying more for parking than for a return flight, according to new research.

Experts from leading UK car retailer Evans Halshaw have analyzed data from all UK airports to find out who charges the most for parking, including Glasgow Airport.

Data revealed that passengers using the airport paid £37.99 to park in the airport’s short-stay area over a weekend, which is above the average price (£31.88) for a weekend via a return flight from Glasgow.

Now a Glasgow Live Research has uncovered cheap return flights to Spain that cost barely half of what holidaymakers would shell out to park at the airport before flying out.

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These are return flights to Malaga from Glasgow Airport in Malaga with Ryanair, departing at 7.20am on Sunday 9th May and returning on Thursday 12th May at 5.50pm UK time.

The current cost of flying alone on the Ryanair website per person for their economy fare is £31.98*, allowing the passenger to travel with a small bag under their seat.

Glasgow airport users pay more for parking than for a return flight, according to a new study.

Parking the car at the airport to coincide with flights, we found, would cost a passenger £67.47 using the airport’s multi-storey car park, more than double the cost of flights to Spain.

The revelation comes amid renewed concerns over poor public transport links to Glasgow Airport, with a lack of buses and a shortage of taxis leaving tourists and locals ‘stranded in the cold’ for more than a year. hour a few weeks ago.

The last hour of service at 11pm for the Airport Express service means it’s actually easier for Glasgow residents to get home from Edinburgh Airport – which has a 24-hour bus connection and 7 days a week to Buchanan Street Station.

*Correct price from 4 p.m., Thursday 28 April.


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