One of Britain’s ‘most wanted’ arrested in the municipality of Coin in Malaga


A British criminal arrested in the Coin municipality of Malaga was living in plain sight despite being on the UK’s National Crime Agency ‘most wanted’ list.

A 30-year-old British criminal arrested in the Coin municipality of Malaga was living in plain sight in the Costa del Sol town despite being on the National Crime Agency’s most wanted list. David Ungi fled the UK and moved to Spain eight years ago, according to a report published today, Saturday July 23, by The mirror.

He was arrested in a joint operation involving the Spanish National Police, the National Crime Agency, Merseyside Police and the North West Regional Organized Crime Unit.

Ungi is now at risk of extradition to the UK, where he is believed to be involved in illegal drug distribution in the Liverpool area, the NCA has said. He is believed to have lived near the Sierra de Mijas mountains in the small inland town of Coin for five years, sharing a property with three other British men.

In 2016, 18-year-old Vinny Waddington was shot and killed on Banks Road in the Garston area of ​​Liverpool. Two suspects were later convicted of his murder, but a third person, Ungi, is believed to have fled the country 24 hours after the murder.

The fugitive was arrested in May as he walked into a local gymnasium. A firearm was found in his bag. He appeared in court in Madrid via video link on Tuesday July 19, where he opposed any extradition request.

It was revealed that the British authorities were only prosecuting Ungi on drug-related charges. During the hearing, Spanish prosecutors reportedly said they saw no reason to oppose his extradition. Spanish police have also arrested his three British friends on suspicion of helping Ungi escape British authorities.

Residents of the Spanish town of Coin were stunned by the arrest. One told the Mirror: “They didn’t say much but honestly they came across as nice guys. I can’t believe what he’s supposed to have been involved in.”

“The police came down and it was huge. I couldn’t believe what they brought from this place. David has always been very nice. None of them worked. No one had the faintest idea that they were wanted. He always seemed to go out with a backpack. Luxury cars stopped from time to time,” they added.

During a search of the property rented by Ungi, the Spanish police reportedly found a firearm and 15 kilos of cocaine. This led to a court in Coin placing him under formal investigation for possession of a weapon. A subsequent search of the house apparently uncovered 19 kilos of cannabis resin, as well as a machine gun.

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