My Mitsubishi Outlander turns 12: keep or is it time to sell?


It’s a good car: no problems as such. But my family encourages me to sell and buy again.

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I drive a Mitsubishi Outlander bought new in 2010. It’s a good car: no problems as such. But my family encourages me to sell and buy again – for no particular reason, except that my father is of the opinion that the car after 10 years invariably entails expenses. Maybe he’s right. What do you think?

About the car:

  • Annual maintenance at the dealership, every year since 2010
  • City average: ~ 10 km/l; Motorway ~ 15 km/l
  • Some wear to the rubber skirting of the window
  • Electronics and electricity
  • Last annual service reported some wear to brake pads (since replaced) and underbody (?? No details provided)
  • Only 87,000 km traveled

I would really like to continue using this car. Maybe even for 20 years in total.

Please share your thoughts.


Here is what BHPian shankar.balan should say about it:

First of all, I am totally converted and in favor of your way of thinking.

Keeping your Outlander has many benefits:

  1. Consider financial prudence and avoid wasteful or wasteful spending – Warren Buffett keeps his cars around for long periods of time. Just like Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea.
  2. Consider the environment: the CO2 emissions produced when manufacturing new cars are much higher than those created by people like you driving a 12-year-old car. Low running. Occasional maintenance. No waste. Low carbon footprint.
  3. The Outlander is a great all-around vehicle. A great Grand Tourer. My friend has one of about the same vintage as yours and he says he will never sell it.

To see the cons:

  1. Mitsubishi is no longer in India. Therefore, spare parts and maintenance can be a headache. Unless of course you have an experienced garage you can go to and if you don’t mind bringing the necessary spares from Thailand or Dubai where spares are abundantly available.
  2. The technology is outdated. Yes, that’s a negative if you like the latest gadgets etc. But for me, it’s kind of a blessing because there’s less chance of making a mistake.

In the case of a well-maintained vehicle with poor running like yours, there is less chance of things going wrong. Only routine maintenance and age-related part changes will be required.

More like Op-Ex which, in my book, is far better than the big fat Cap-Ex that will inevitably pile up if you’re planning on buying a new car. When I consider new car prices these days, I am of the opinion that they are completely ridiculous considering what they offer!

In conclusion, I would vote for you to keep this vehicle if you are happy with it, as you obviously seem to be.

And frankly, at the moment there’s no real replacement for the Mitsubishi Outlander unless you consider the new Scorpio N. and chances are there’ll be a long waiting list once they will start taking reservations.

I assume that with this NGT decision you can drive this gasoline vehicle for a few more years, so you should enjoy it to the fullest.

The Outlander is a rare and charming vehicle.

Here is what BHPian NarediAni7518 should say about it:

Well, it’s been 12 years with the car so:

  • Change it up, get yourself a much better car, and since you’ll be keeping it for a long time, invest in something a few segments above the Outlander
  • We don’t know how Mitsubishi service centers will be in the near future
  • I can see your location is in Delhi so I guess you will have to change it near the 15 year mark anyway
  • Yes, even if the car is well maintained, it requires expenses after a certain age
  • And finally, if you still want to keep the car, keep it until you want it, it’s your car after all!

Here is what Condor BHPien should say about it:

Considering this is an Outlander, although it is a good vehicle, I too would suggest starting looking for a bargain.

with the kind of service network and the rarity of the model, it will be difficult over time to maintain or sell it.

By itself, the car will last much longer. However, if the resale value quotes are too low, one option is to successfully obtain the necessary spare parts from outside. In such a case, keep it as a second car and buy another one. Again, the 15 year rule would apply to you at some point.

Here is what BHPian shancz should say about it:

The car looks and will go a lot more than it already did, but it’s also true that the 15 year mark is fast approaching.

What I’m suggesting is keep the Outlander aside for now and think if you need to buy a car now what your needs are do some research take some TDs and if you find a car that hits the mark, consider selling the Outlander. If you can’t find that car, the Outlander is still there and save the learnings for a later date when it becomes a necessity.

I don’t know your needs or your budget, but if you’d like some details on the current SUV scenario, here’s an informative thread from BHPian Poitive.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more ideas and information.


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