! Murcia Today – Spanish coronavirus data will begin to distinguish between those hospitalized with and by Covid


Publication date: 07/21/2022

The Spanish Ministry of Health has acknowledged that current health reports are confusing

As the seventh wave of the coronavirus pandemic finally seems to be slowing down, the Spanish Ministry of Health has decided to change the way it presents its bi-weekly data, to differentiate between patients hospitalized with Covid and patients hospitalized with Covid.
At first glance, this may seem like simple semantics, but the difference in analyzing the evolution of the pandemic is very important, and the new system should be less confusing and provide “more adequate information” on the profile of patients. currently hospitalized, according to the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias.

This causes patients who have arrived in hospital with a clinical condition caused by Covid-19 to be mixed in the same statistics, as has happened throughout the pandemic, with others who are admitted for other reasons but who, being hospitalized, subsequently tested positive for the coronavirus, despite the fact that their pathology is not linked to the virus and should not be particularly affected by it.

Despite the damning report, Ms Darias celebrated this week that the number of daily cases has “stabilized and even decreased”, particularly impacting hospital wards and intensive care beds.

“Everything indicates that this inoculation could begin in the second half of September, with the foreseeable arrival of vaccines adapted to the variants”, concluded Ms. Darias.

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