MOTOR launches the first all-electric car-sharing platform in the UAE


MOTOR offers customers access to the premium Tesla brand of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3 and soon the Tesla Model Y, with electric vehicles from other major brands to follow

Businesses and individuals using the service can also enjoy benefits such as free RTA parking in Dubai and electric vehicle charging in key areas of Dubai.

Upcoming plans include further expansion across the Emirates through the rollout of an EV subscription platform and charging network service by the end of 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: MOTOR, the electric vehicle car-sharing platform, has announced its launch in the United Arab Emirates. As part of its mission to reduce the region’s carbon footprint through responsible transportation, MOTOR provides access to the world’s best electric vehicles (EVs) through its car-sharing platform, Motor SHARE, which provides users with options short and long term at affordable prices. .

With rising fuel prices around the world, alongside the UAE’s ambitious visions, including the “UAE’s Net Zero 2050” and the government’s commitment to convert 20% of its owned automobile fleet to the government in electric alternatives by 2030, has seen a substantial increase in demand for electric vehicles in the Emirates.

Through a simple sign-up process on the MOTOR Share app, UAE residents can locate and rent MOTOR’s electric vehicles, which include the Tesla Model 3 and soon the Tesla Model Y alongside other major brands. , in just a few clicks. The platform offers lucrative benefits including free parking at all public RTA spaces in Dubai, free EV charging, comprehensive insurance and affordable rates.

In addition to accessing the features of cutting-edge electric vehicle technology and design, the MOTOR Share app offers advanced functionality, including the ability to cool the car before and during trips. Additional AI features will also be rolling out soon, including a “safety score”, which will reward safe drivers and warn risky drivers.

The MOTOR Share platform provides carpooling opportunities for consumers, who can enjoy the flexibility of renting a vehicle by the hour or for up to two years. Additionally, consumers also have the option of posting their own vehicles on the platform.

Businesses using the platform will benefit from numerous efficiencies, allowing companies to aggregate car rentals on one platform through customized mobility solutions, providing a flexible opportunity to increase the utilization of their own fleet car rental.

Hamad AlMazrooei, co-founder of MOTOR, said: “As the UAE strives to strengthen its resolve to fight climate change through the ambitious ‘UAE Net Zero 2050’, more and more businesses and residents are looking to convert to electric vehicles. Our goal at MOTOR is not only to further accelerate the sustainable transition to electric vehicles, but we also want to make sustainable mobility more accessible, affordable and flexible.

Following the launch of its electric vehicle sharing platform, MOTOR aims to roll out its electric vehicle subscription service and charging network by the end of 2022. In addition, the platform plans to roll out a point-of-use system. sustainable driving reward aimed at unlocking rides and discounts.


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