Most wild deer make moments ranging from traffic light check-in to £250,000 lottery prank


While every groom-to-be expects their fair share of hilarity at their bachelor party, some bands have raised the bar to another level.

Take a group of hammered rugby players whose recent boozy afternoon culminated in sinking a riverboat and flooding a nearby road.

The fatally drunk mates had hired a barge from ABC Boat Hire and then traveled up the Droitwich Canal in Worcestershire, hitting nearly every other boat in their path.

Narrowboat owner Amanda Huxtable, who later called police, wrote on Facebook: “There’s a reason you shouldn’t leave your boats at bachelor parties. I called ABC to find out that the boat that hit me was abandoned.”

Here we look back at other bachelor party stories where silly pranks got a little out of hand.

A group of guys recently sank a riverboat on their bachelor party

Topless groom glued to traffic lights in classic bachelor party

Husband-to-be Jack Wilkins has become an internet sensation after he was stripped down to his underwear and taped to a pole in the middle of a road.

The Essex lad was literally left out by his pals outside a shopping center near the Beehive pub in Basildon, with the cruel witness then posting a clip of Jack on social media.

The stag was seen wearing nothing but his black boxers, white socks and a cute pair of grandad sandals.

Brutal dress code for a Liverpool fan

A Liverpool fan is forced to wear a Manchester City kit for his bachelor party outside the stadium before the game
A Liverpool fan had to dress up as a Man City supporter

Going almost naked might have been preferable to a Liverpool fan who was forced to wear a full Manchester City kit for his side’s Premier League title win against Wolves.

The Reds fan in question was dressed in a City shirt, shorts and socks for the final game of the season at Anfield.

His bright blue outfit stood out like a sore thumb among the sea of ​​red and a video of him walking around the city was later posted online.

The caption read: “Just walked out of the madhouse this guy walking around Anfield dressed like this.”

High jinks in the sky

Cheeky Stag party guys dress up their friend as a flight attendant on a plane trip
This poor guy had to dress up as a flight attendant on a plane.

Sticking with the cruel dress theme, another unfortunate soul was forced to dress up as a flight attendant on a flight to Riga in Latvia.

In the clip, uploaded to TikTok by user @tom_robbo144 in June last year, the deer wore a red jacket and skirt combo, while sporting a brown wig and scarf to complete the look.

One of his friends filming asks: “Can we have a drink here?”

But the deer took it all in good spirits and replied, “Can you please make sure your seat belts are fastened?”

The hilarious video has been viewed thousands of times.

Stag buys a car for an epic trip home

The guys left for their 16 hour trip
The guys left for their 16 hour trip

When a bachelor party trio were forced to buy a car and drive 16 hours home, they even managed to beat the rest of the group.

Stephen Currie threw David Mair’s 2019 bachelor party into chaos after realizing he left his passport in Edinburgh when he arrived in Krakow.

The Stonehouse boy was allowed into the country by passport control officials using a photo of his ID card and a waiver form, but then decided to buy a car with some friends for around 250 £ to go home.

They then drove for 16 straight hours before boarding the ferry in Calais with Stephen using a driver’s license to re-enter the country, still beating most of their mates back home.

Stag is sent onto the pitch as Brentford FC’s mascot

A group of lads sewed their mate up nicely by sending him as the official Brentford FC mascot.

Footage showed Nick Goff leading the team before shaking hands with opposing side Bolton Wanderers and posing with the match ball.

The 40-year-old looked hilarious alongside the kids
This 40-year-old looked hilarious as he had to stand alongside the kids

He even had a chat with Brentford manager Dean Smith before he was taken off the field.

The clip caused a stir with viewers, with one saying, “Crying here, really crying.”

It was filmed by the club who even tweeted out a hilarious highlights package from the stag’s trip to Griffin Park.

“Hope you enjoyed your big day on Saturday @nickgoff79,” the club wrote.

The long journey of Iain from Marbella

Iain Tate dressed as Freddie Mercury at the airport.
Iain Tate dressed as Freddie Mercury at the airport

Iain Tate has also faced a long 2,000 mile journey from his bachelor party in Spain after his friends sent him around the world on his return trip.

The groom-to-be had to take four flights home from Marbella after friends paid £600 to send him from Malaga to Dusseldorf in Germany to Paris and then Dublin before returning home to Stockton-on-Tees.

The firefighter had previously suffered humiliation from his 11-man bachelor party, which saw him arrive in Marbella wearing a black wig, pink top, matching dangling earrings, a leather skirt and fishnet stockings in homage to Freddie Mercury in the emblematic Video “I want to free myself”.

To add to his misery, Iain faced a three-hour delay at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, which cost him his connecting flight from Ireland to Leeds Bradford airport.

A deer dressed as a policewoman stops traffic

STAG: Man tricked tourists into thinking he was a police officer
STAG: Man tricked tourists into thinking he was a police officer

A Scottish deer dressed up as a policewoman and, presumably after a few shandies, began directing traffic, convincing some drivers he was a real officer.

Gary Irvine put on the short blue dress, the long black wig and a police baton and started hilariously directing busy cars and buses through George Square in Glasgow.

In the video, the Scot can be seen strutting confidently down the road before putting his baton in the air to stop another lane of traffic while allowing another lane to cross.

£250,000 scratch prank

Ross Taylor has been gutted after realizing his buddies tricked him into thinking he won £250,000 on a scratch card.

Footage shows Ross dancing excitedly after believing he hit the jackpot with the dodgy card, which his pals bought for £5 on eBay.

PRANK: Ross Taylor with his fake scratch card
Ross Taylor with his fake scratch card

In a video shot of the prank at Butlins in Bognor Regis, Ross says: ‘Boys, can I just get you together? Showing them the scratch card, he brags, “It’s 250,000, guys.”

One of his buddies can be heard nudging him in fake disbelief, saying, “Shut the fuck up.” But after he was told to return it, the writing said all he had gained was “fresh air”.


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