More Mainers are hungry, and Mainers are stepping up to help


Deborah Joy Corey has put together a collection of essays for a book to support the nonprofit she started in 2018 called Blue Angel Maine.

The book is titled “Breaking Bread: Essays from New England on Food, Hunger and Family”

It became the title because she said, she found that when collecting people’s stories, the memories are the most important thing, the food on the table is a minor thing.

Since Deborah Joy Corey started Blue Angel, she has been delivering food to neighbors in Castine and Penobscot. The food she delivers is donated entirely by local farms, home gardeners, a community garden, and local bakers, shops, and restaurants.

Deborah Joy Corey told The Ellsworth American

Maine was one of the last states to experience hunger, as it was a state of farms and fishing. When that started to change, there were hunger issues

When gas prices rise, volunteers have to decline their services in many cases. When grocery prices skyrocket, more and more people on the edge of affording what they need fall behind. And at the same time, fewer people donate to pantries. They feel these price increases every time they shop.

Meals on Wheels in the Greater Bangor area is run by the East Brewer Area Aging Agency, and they often seek delivery assistance. When gasoline prices skyrocket, it’s harder for many to offer their services.

The OHI Brewer Area pantry needs help. They receive food from local stores and the Good Shepherd Food Bank. Unfortunately our suppliers are unable to supply this much due to their own shortages.

This pantry is run almost exclusively by volunteers.

They were recently offered the chance to get free weekly food from a local grocery store, and if you have a truck or van, they could use your help transporting food from the store to the pantry.

Or help deliver food to those who have no other way to get food. Contact OHI Maine.

Back to Deborah Joy Corey, she talked about “food insecurity,” as it is now called. But it’s really

I’m hungry or I’m starving

It seems like we’re seeing more and more of this in Maine, and that’s not a good thing. But luckily, many are stepping up and doing all they can to help.

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