Meet Kush Goel, co-owner of Bright Gold, Bright Digi Gold Lamer Capital Limited and MKV Luxury


Kush Goel is a smart, shrewd and nimble-minded entrepreneur. Bright Digi Gold is a trading company which is basically an extended branch of Bright Gold, a company specializing in the refining of precious metals. Bright Digi Gold offers digital digital gold to its customers through mobile apps for very low denominations as low as Rs. ten/-. This will allow more savings in the economy.

His determination, hard work and passion contributed to the success of the company and thus etched his name on the world map of the gold trade. His passion for creation, his ability to follow through on his ideas and his willingness to take risks have made “Bright Digi Gold” one of the most illustrious companies in the world. Kush’s creativity gave birth to innovation. His creativity helped him find new solutions to the problems to be solved and allowed him to think of ready-made solutions. His manners and his behavior with his employees and customers have enabled him to achieve his goals and set an example for everyone.

“Shining Gold” is the manufacturer, trader, supplier and service provider of refining and recycling of precious metals. They undertake industrial recycling, refining of gold, silver and platinum. Their services include precious metal refining like gold refining services, x-ray waste silver recycling and hypo-fixative solution, computer gold plated electronic components. They offer gold refining services at cheap rates which are distinct from other market rates. Their state-of-the-art equipped facilities and regular testing help us deliver our services within the desired timeframe. Currently, they are importing gold bullion with AU content below 95% as per the standards stipulated by DGFT, Government of India. Gold Dore bars are sourced from some of the largest mining companies in the world.

Brilliant Metal Refiners produces very high-end precious metal products, thanks to its brand new technology and state-of-the-art machinery. The importance of producing ‘eco-responsible’ and absolutely ethically sourced gold cannot be underestimated in these times of global reputational risk for luxury jewelry brands, as well as the concerned consumer and well informed.

Kush Goel quote sayingAt Bright Metal Refiners, we constantly strive to meet our customers’ demands with an emphasis on purity and service. Our team of professionals led by a visionary management, supported by a qualified and dedicated staff is a pillar of strength”

‘Our team has extensive experience in producing very high end precious gold products, our lab can determine the fineness of all precious metals, especially gold and silver. We believe in quality and therefore our products are of the highest quality to 995 and 999 gold quality standards. We maintain quality and cost to deliver perfect refined product for our customer. Our reliable cost does not compromise the quality of the final product. Do you have a problem or an idea? We are always there when you need us. Our prompt support defines our superior services to all of our customers” add Kush

Lamer Capital is a Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) regulated investment and financial advisory firm founded as a collaborative effort by a team of investors and advisors bringing experience from both sides of Table. We are based in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). With a combined experience of over 100 years, we aim to bring a true open-architecture investment advisory platform, differentiated by DIVERSITY to deliver transparent, disciplined and integrated investment advice to individuals, families and highly wealthy. .

“Our goal is to help as many investors as possible on their journey of creating and preserving wealth. Since our clients are unique, our firm is driven by an approach aligned with the purpose, vision and objectives of our clients. Kush said.

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“Our vision is to build our growing car rental company in Dubai with high professionalism and excellent service. To be the number one car rental company in Dubai by providing efficient, affordable and satisfactory assistance to all customers for continued support and humane patronage” says Kush, the co-owner of MKV.

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