Malaga’s second wildfire in one day

The second forest fire in Malaga in one day image pixabay

The second Malaga forest fire in a day broke out near the La Corta neighborhood on Saturday, November 13. The fire, which was visible from various points in the surrounding area, affected a wooded area according to municipal sources.

It was around 6:00 p.m. when the emergency services, 112, began to receive the first fire alerts. In total, they received around fifty calls from witnesses to inform them of the forest fire in Malaga. The calls came from different parts of the city.

Firefighters responded immediately

Members of the Royal Malaga Fire Brigade immediately rushed to the scene and worked tirelessly to put out the blaze. Two full fire brigades, a support brigade and a light vehicle were dispatched to the scene, attended by local and national police. “It is a very large fire, but it is affecting an isolated area of ​​High Mountain,” said sources consulted.

This is the second wildfire in Malaga to break out in a day in just a few hours. The work focused on its mastery and then its extinction. About twenty forest firefighters, an operations technician, an environmental officer and a fire truck were deployed to the scene of the fire. The KA-70 heavy lift and firefighting helicopter was on the ground, however, ground services were able to control the second Malaga forest fire without the need for air services.

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