Malaga – Costa del Sol | A gang that smuggled hashish hidden in fish and fruit trucks was destroyed in a joint operation


Four vehicles used to transport drugs from Andalusia to France have been seized by the national police and the Guardia Civil as part of Operation Bachata

Thirteen people were arrested by the National Police and the Guardia Civil as suspected members of a criminal organization who were responsible for a crime against public health. One of the suspects was arrested in Alhaurín de la Torre, where he lived.

According to sources, the thirteen people detained in this operation, known as Bachata, are mainly men of Spanish and Moroccan origin; the suspected gang member arrested in Alhaurin de la Torre is a French citizen. The other arrests took place in the provinces of Cadiz, Huelva, Seville and Ciudad Real.

More than five tonnes of hashish and four large trucks used to transport the drugs from Andalusia to France were seized by national police and the Guardia Civil. Devices the gang used to jam radio signals to avoid detection by police were also seized.

Investigations began in January this year, when it was discovered that the criminal organization was transporting 850 kilos of hashish from Huelva to Seville in a van that had previously been stolen. Later, the agents discovered that the drug gang had prepared everything to carry out a new shipment of drugs camouflaged in frozen fish. As a result of these investigations, 1,300 kilos of hashish were seized.

The alleged members of the group bought large quantities of the narcotic substance in different Andalusian provinces and then stored it in warehouses. After a time, they camouflaged it among legal goods, mainly fish and fruit, in order to transport it to France.

One of these trucks was intercepted by National Police and Civil Guard agents as it left a warehouse in a town in the province of Seville. The driver was arrested and his trailer was carrying 2,800 kilos of hashish camouflaged in a shipment of watermelons bound for France.

In addition to the narcotics seized, the police actions led to the seizure of four large trucks, four cars, two vans, 1,000 euros in cash, a large number of mobile phones and the dismantling of their logistics base.


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