Lufthansa and TripActions live with the BusinessToGo platform


Lufthansa Group and TripActions have launched a co-branded travel booking and management platform for small and medium-sized businesses, the companies announced.

The BusinessToGo platform, the development of which was announced at the end of last year, offers direct access to flight content from the Lufthansa Group and its joint venture partners as well as content from hotels, trains and car rentals from TripActions. The content includes “attractive” offers of new distribution capacity from Lufthansa and hotel rates negotiated by TripActions. The platform also provides due diligence and carbon emissions reporting, management data and centralized invoicing.

Members of Lufthansa’s SME rewards program, PartnerPlusBenefit, can also collect and redeem points via the platform.

Lufthansa and TripActions launched BusinessToGo with two service levels. The “Essentials” tier has no monthly fees or transaction fees, but has a support request fee of €22 or $25 per request. With the “Premium” level, companies pay a transaction fee of €22 or $25 as well as a monthly fee, if they have at least 15 active travelers, of €7 or $9 per user, for which they receive a unlimited support and additional support in the integration and configuration of the platform. The Premium tier also provides access to airlines outside of Lufthansa and its partners, as well as support for company-brokered agreements with hotels and car rental companies and integrations, such as systems expenses and human resources.

With Wednesday’s launch, the platform is available in Lufthansa’s home markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well as Belgium. Additional markets will be added “in succession” along with additional features including upgrades, enterprise products and additional languages, according to the companies.


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