Lonely Planet’s latest warning to tourists visiting Dublin ‘not pretty read’


A Lonely Planet article warning tourists of the horrors of visiting Dublin ‘doesn’t make good reading’, according to one travel expert.

The article warns that “housing shortages, skyrocketing car rental costs and airport chaos” are among the problems facing the city after the pandemic.

Noting that soaring hotel prices are “taking their toll on holidaymakers’ budgets, the travel bible warns that weekend hotel prices will hover between €700 and €900 in July.

“Watering the Eyes”

He also warns that the cheapest price on Booking.com was €411 for a room in a student hostel, with the second cheapest being €428 for two beds in a mixed dorm.

On The Pat Kenny Show this morning“The Travel Expert” Sarah Slattery said the article was “not pretty” for Dublin.

“The fact that it’s Lonely Planet means it has a pretty big impact,” she said.

“There’s nothing too shocking about it though, or anything we haven’t heard before.

“I think the car rental situation is dire but, at the same time, in terms of hotel prices, while prices have obviously gone up, sometimes publications can pick a particular date where there are plenty of concerts and events.

“Every time someone tells me that there are hotels for €500, I’m sure I could find one for €100. So it can sometimes be misinterpreted.


She said there was ‘certainly a problem with hotels in Dublin’, but insisted there were still ‘good deals available’ across the country.

“I think they’re out there if you know where to look you can find them,” she said. “Unfortunately, most of the time the incoming tourist doesn’t necessarily know where to look and if they read articles like that, that’s not good.”

The Lonely Planet article also highlights soaring car rental costs – noting that rental companies have sold around half of their cars during the pandemic.

He notes that the cheapest options available for a ten-day charter in August are around €1,750 – and average prices are now around €3,000 for 10 days.

The article also notes that you have as much chance of winning the lottery as getting a seat at one of the city’s top restaurants on the weekends.

Meanwhile, he warns that Dublin Airport is ‘plagued by long queues at security’ and urges travelers to ‘allow themselves plenty of time at the airport to catch your flight home – but not too”.

You can listen to Ms. Slattery here:


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