KCi Marriage Saga Unboxing – Radio Personality Says He’s Ready To Pay The Money Back


His name is on everyone’s lips and there is nothing positive about it.

Mthobeli August, popularly known as KCi, finds himself in the spotlight after failing to turn up and MC at an east London wedding he was booked for in November 2021.

He has been living quietly out of the public eye since leaving Umhlobo Wenene FM’s show. Even though it’s been five years, he still has a loyal fan base and gets bookings for MC at various events, including weddings.

This is one of those wedding reservations that gets people talking. The bride took to social media to call out the media personality after he failed to show up to MC at her wedding.

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What was supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life was nearly ruined when she had to find an MC on the morning of her traditional wedding.

Ntebo Leboea, who was born and raised in east London but has since moved overseas, has returned to her hometown for her wedding.

She grew up listening to the much-loved radio personality and when she booked him, she wanted a sense of nostalgia for her wedding.

She had seen KCi MC at a wedding she was to sing at, found her contact details and made her booking in June, five months before her wedding.

“I thought if I was planning a wedding in the Eastern Cape, I wanted someone who embraced the culture and someone relevant. He was the perfect person to entertain everyone at my traditional wedding,” a- she told Drum.

On their verbal agreement, they agreed that Ntebo would pay R12,000, book him return flights from Johannesburg to EL, arrange his accommodation and provide transport from the airport to the hotel and meeting place, etc

She agreed to pay the 12,000 rand in installments, first 4,000 rand followed by another 4,000 rand. After the second drop, the two communicated via text and KCi was asking the bride about the groom and their life together as he prepared for the big day.

“He was communicating with me on WhatsApp and asking about me and the groom, but then he called me and told me there was a difficult situation,” Ntebo said.

KCi had promised MC on an old friend’s 50th birthday, which was the same day as Ntebo’s wedding, but he agreed to be at his wedding anyway.

Ntebo couldn’t help but feel “played”, she shares.

The day before the traditional wedding, she says KCi demanded the last installment. “I told him, the wedding is tomorrow, when you finish the service, you will have it. The flight is ready, and when you arrive at the airport, someone will pick you up,” she said.

“He asked for a rental car to drive himself and refused to be picked up, insisting he wasn’t picked up, and things went from 0 to 100. I was ready to rent a car from him because I wanted things to go well, but there were no cars available,” she recalls.

A distraught Ntebo says the two couldn’t agree and she ended up demanding her money, sending KCi her account details to refund the money. He agreed to pay, Ntebo said, and that was the last time the two interacted.

When she did not receive the money, she went to a lawyer and asked him to send a letter of demand to the radio personality, but because she lives outside the country, she hesitated. Ntebo also alleges that she found out through her travel agent that KCi tried to check in using the flights she had booked and they canceled it.

“I thought I would give him time to pay the money because I can’t go to court or open the case, we sent him a demand letter via email but 30 days have passed without a response and now I’ve been warned to approach the media,” she said.

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Speaking to Drum, KCi says the whole situation has been blown out of proportion and he feels embarrassed.

“Why didn’t she go to the police or a lawyer to contact me?” KCI asks.

“They contacted me in June and I told them that if I got another booking or a better deal I would take it, but either way I told them to pay and guarantee the date so that i don’t take any gigs and she did we talked until october when she let me know she was in south africa and from then on she barely communicated with me or gave me details about the day,” KCi says.

He says he was the one who started the conversations the most.

“I finally asked if I could contact the mother of the bride because I couldn’t get through to her because of all that was on her mind, but she refused and did the communication on her own,” he says. .

The day before the wedding he shares, he still had no details of who will be picking him up from the airport or an itinerary for the day.

“I asked for my own transportation because I didn’t want to rely on someone to pick me up or drop me off. It wasn’t a rental car, but I didn’t want to be stuck at the airport.

“She told me an uncle would call me but no one called me and as a married woman at some point she couldn’t take any more calls. I told her she wouldn’t. hadn’t paid the rest of the money either. The arrangement was for me to be fully paid before the event,” he says.

KCi feels humbled that it has gone this far. According to him, she never asked for a refund.

He does not deny receiving payment and says he is ready to return the money, but they have not had proper communication since November 2021, although the screenshot provided by Ntebo proves that she has emailed his account details, but KCi never responded.

KCi says the reason he ended up not hosting the wedding was due to a lack of coordination and communication. “My flight was at 6am and I called at 1am to ask for details, I even called her mum at night to ask her who would be picking me up, what should I do when I got there Airport? But she didn’t have the answers.

“It made no sense for me to leave Johannesburg and go to EL not knowing what would happen when I got there and not being able to reach anyone for clarity,” he adds.

“Where I grew up we respect our elders and they are my witnesses, where she got my details and I was respectful to her mother for the sake of my reputation and my elders too,” he says. .

KCi denies trying to use the flights or failing to return his calls.

He says he’s been out of the spotlight and wouldn’t do anything to get back into it.


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