Hyundai Creta tourist beach rentals in India and it only gets worse from there


Driving a crossover on a beach can be fun, but only if you do it in the right conditions with safety first. A tourist in Goa, India failed to follow basic rules and his rental Hyundai Creta nearly sank.

The incident happened on Vagator Beach in Goa, where driving is prohibited during the monsoon season. The tourist can be seen driving the front-wheel drive Hyundai only on wet sand, getting dangerously close to the shore. Moments later, the inevitable happens and the Hyundai gets stuck.

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Somehow, the driver managed to submerge the front of the Creta hood deep in the sand. Waves crash into the vehicle and there seems to be no hope of saving it from the elements. Other videos taken later that evening show the situation worsened further, with much of the vehicle underwater.

The tourist has been arrested by the police for breaking the law and we’re sure the rental company will demand an explanation for how their brand new Hyundai Creta ended up swimming with the fish. Local media reports that the crossover was seized by police but it is unclear how they managed to pull it out of the sand. Even if the car was salvaged, we could be looking at write-off due to salt water damage.

According Cartoq, this is not the first time that a tourist has been arrested for illegal driving on a beach. Recently, a man was arrested for driving a Maruti Suzuki Swift on Morjim beach, while another man was arrested for driving a Hyundai i20 near the shore. In both cases, the vehicles were rented.


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