How to Use Uber Travel to Get Money Back on Airport Rides


Making a travel itinerary can be stressful, but it’s no longer necessary. On May 16, Uber launched a new feature called Uber Travel that simplifies creating your travel itinerary by doing it for you. Plus, Uber Travel also lets you book rides for all your flight and hotel bookings, and even rewards you with cash back just for booking one trip. No, seriously, it’s as simple as that. Here’s an overview of how to use Uber for travel to get cash back on airport rides before your next trip.

If you have travel plans on deck for the summer, you’ll want to learn more about Uber Travel before you go. The new feature, which rolled out to the Uber app on May 16 in conjunction with AwardWallet, organizes all of your flight, hotel, and car rental information into a personalized mobile itinerary without any work on your part. No, the feature does not reserve the plans for you, but it organizes your already existing reservations in one place by date and time by sorting your email and finding them for you. The best part is that the service is completely free – all you have to do to create your itinerary is log into your Gmail account from the Uber app to import your trip details into your account. It’s like having your own personal travel assistant.

Once you’ve done that, you can start booking your rides to and from the airport and hotel. BTW, Itinerary only stores travel-related bookings like hotels, flights, and car rentals, which means you’ll have to book your museum and restaurant trips separately. You will be able to book your rides up to 30 days before your trip for a price that will be presented to you in advance, which will not only save you time, but also save you money.

Every time you book a ride with Uber Travel, you instantly earn 10% in Uber Cash. Yes, 10%. It is not to be despised. Your Uber Cash will automatically be applied to your next ride, so if you plan on stopping at all the sights, might as well stock up on Uber Cash on the way to the airport to help you get around.

To book your rides, here’s what you’ll need to do. Open the Uber app and select Travel (it may be hidden under More), then tap “Sign in with Google” to access your reservations. Once logged in, you will see a list of upcoming trips with your departure dates listed below. Tap the trip you want to organize to access your itinerary.

Under each booking, you will see a tab that will allow you to book a ride. Tap each tab to book your pick-up time, location, type of Uber, and more. Peasy easy.

Another benefit of Uber Travel is that when you’ve booked a trip at the airport, Uber will track your flight and automatically adjust your pick-up time to reflect any delays or cancellations if necessary. It feels good not to stress about traveling for once, doesn’t it?

Summer 2022 is about to be all about travel, thanks to Uber’s new Travel feature.


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