Have holidays abroad become cheaper than a stay?


Amid the confusing and ever-changing travel restrictions of the past year, 2021 has become the year of the staycation. But with inflation soaring in the country, cheap flights to Europe available and outrageously expensive holiday rentals in Britain, has a holiday abroad become the best option – and the less expensive ?

Years nearly trapped in Britain have created an explosion in demand: Summer vacation rental bookings in some European countries last month were 200% higher than a year ago, according to AirDNA, a data.

Analysis by Telegraph money revealed how holidaymakers could make massive savings on their summer holidays by avoiding Britain and going abroad.

We have created itineraries for two equally luxurious independent holidays for a family of four in Cornwall and Andalucia.

After adding up the costs of flights to Spain, car hire, fuel, shopping and attractions, and factoring in the weakness of the pound, overseas holidays won out. A five-day stay in August in Cornwall cost just over £2,990, while a similar stay in an Andalusian villa cost around £1,980 – a difference of over £1,000.


One of the main appeals of a staycation is not having to get on a plane – which seems all the more appealing given the chaos of travel at airports. But domestic holidaymakers are having to contend with high petrol prices, currently hovering around £1.70 a litre, according to the RAC. This means that for a typical car, like a BMW X3, which has a 67-litre tank, three full tanks – enough for the journey from the Home Counties, back and on the go – costs around £350.


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