Fleet Management Leaders in North America in 2022


There have been big changes in the North American fleet and mobility market in recent times considering the merger and acquisition activities taking place in the region.

That said, let’s take a look at what has developed in North America over the past few months and list the major players in the region today.

Market changes

First, Wheels Inc. and Donlen announced in October 2021 that they were merging under parent company Athene Holding. The combined company has $5 billion in assets and manages nearly 650,000 vehicles for more than 1,000 corporate customers in North America.

Meanwhile, globally, multinational corporations ALD Automotive announced in January 2022 the acquisition of another international giant LeasePlan, a transaction that certainly creates a leading global player in vehicle fleet leasing and mobility.

And in June 2022, Athene Holding announced that it was acquiring LeasePlan USA. And the plan, according to Athene, is to combine Wheels-Donlen with the Leaseplan business and create a unified fleet management business in North America. The name of the company has not yet been announced.

Before we look at the major players in fleet management, let’s take a look at the overall vehicle footprint in the region

source: Wikifleet World Fleet

National fleet data

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Best players in North America


Holman, formerly known as ARI, has the largest fleet under management in North America with some 2 million vehicles in the region. However, around 267,000 vehicles are funded, coming in at No. 4 on this list.

While most of its management takes place in the United States and Canada, the company has a joint venture with Corporación Zapata in Mexico under the name ARIZA where just over 34,000 vehicles are managed.

Based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey (USA), the company also has offices in the UK and Germany and, as part of the Global Fleet Services (ARI-ORIX) network, has partnered with ORIX in APAC region and EQSTRA in South Africa, bringing the network’s total fleet to some 3 million vehicles in 30 countries.

Element fleet management

Element Fleet Management, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), comes in second with approximately 1.5 million vehicles under management, of which more than 600,000 are financed (the most on this list). While the bulk of its fleet is made up of vehicles in the United States and Canada, the multinational is also the market leader in Mexico with more than 100,000 vehicles under management.

The company provides fleet management and leasing of motor vehicles and light commercial vehicles (LCVs), as well as medium and heavy trucks. As part of the Element-Arval global strategic alliance, the group manages more than 3 million vehicles in more than 50 countries.

Donlen Wheels (Rental Plan)

Wheels Donlen, which manages nearly 650,000 vehicles in the region, or just under 350,000 from Wheels and some 300,000 from Donlen, according to the latest data at the end of 2021. About 351,000 of this total is financed.

Taking into account global alliances, the number of managed vehicles reaches almost 3.5 million. While the ALD Automotive-Wheels alliance manages 2.73 million vehicles in 59 countries, the Athlon-Donlen alliance manages 750,000 vehicles in 24 countries.

Wheels Inc. is based in Des Plaines, Illinois (USA) and Donlen is based in Bannockburn, Illinois (USA).

Note: Once Leaseplan USA, which has some 300,000 vehicles under management, is combined with Wheels Donlen, the Athene-owned group will manage approximately 950,000 vehicles in North America. New global figures should be tabulated shortly.

Enterprise fleet management

Enterprise Fleet Management, with just over 745,726 vehicles under management in the United States and Canada, is in fourth place this year, but remains a major player. A large portion of their vehicles, some 579,997, are financed.

Through its 50 fully staffed offices across the region, it serves businesses, government agencies, and organizations with mid-size fleets with fleet management and vehicle leasing.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), the holding group Enterprise Holdings boasts of being the largest car rental provider in the world with some 1.85 million vehicles in more than 90 countries and territories.

The rest

There are many other players in North America and some of the largest include Merchants Fleet (USA) with some 170,000 vehicles managed and 75,000 financed, and Emkay Inc. (USA) with 100,000 vehicles financed and Jim Pattison Lease (Canada) with 50,000 vehicles financed. .

For those of you looking to get an overview of the global vehicle leasing ecosystem (before the announcement of Leaseplan USA), download the latest Global Fleet eBook on the subject.

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