Electrification Coalition Releases Report on Electric Car Rental Program


the Electrification Coalition released a new report detailing lessons learned from a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership that resulted in the deployment of electric vehicles in a large rental car fleet.

The report shares key findings from the EC’s Drive Electric Orlando rental pilot, through which titans of the tourism industry enticed travelers to rent electric vehicles in Orlando, Florida, which is believed to be the largest rental market cars in the United States.

The multi-year program was led by the Coalition for Electrification in partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Carthe city of Orlando, Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition and Orlando’s resorts and theme parks, including Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort.

This collaboration between nonprofits, government agencies, and the tourism industry has provided critical insights for future deployments of electric vehicles in the rental car market. And the project asserted that the car rental industry can be a valuable avenue for accelerating consumer acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles.

“Car rental companies operate some of the largest fleets of light-duty vehicles in the country, so electrifying this industry will be key in shifting to an electric transportation future,” said Well Prochazka, Executive Director of the Coalition for Electrification. “Drive Electric Orlando puts consumers behind the wheel of an electric vehicle while on vacation — a perfect opportunity to experience all the benefits of this technology. The program engaged consumers during the early stages of electric vehicle market growth, and it can now serve as a roadmap for the rental car industry to go electric.

Prochazka announced the release during a roundtable at the 2022 International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas, a major gathering of leading companies and players in the car rental industry from around the world.

“Orlando is a premier tourist destination, and we were grateful for the opportunity to embrace the future of how visitors will travel through our area,” added the mayor of Orlando. Dyer Buddy. “Collaboration and partnership are key to helping Orlando prepare for the future, and that includes working together to…


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