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Like the UK passport, our driving licenses aren’t as valuable as they used to be (Brexit mistake led to expat car ban, The Yorkshire Post, May 2).

You report: “British nationals who have been living (in Spain) for more than six months can no longer use their DVLA issued licenses.”

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When I mentioned this to a friend who retired to Malaga a few years ago, he said: “I changed my license last year. I can’t drive in the UK now!

Driver’s license. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire.

However, I am also told that other people who moved while we were EU members did not learn enough Spanish to pass the necessary tests.

They are praying that ministers will – belatedly – ​​strike a deal with Spain similar to what has had to be agreed with other EU countries. This is another – relatively minor, perhaps – example that Vote Leave supporters such as Haltemprice and Howden MP David Davis had no idea what they were talking about when they claimed he there was “no downside” to Brexit.

The downsides continue to pile up – and each strengthens the case for reintegration into the European Union as soon as possible.

For the sake of balance, you should ask Mr Davis to write a column outlining the “huge benefits” he promised when he was Brexit minister in 2016 he has seen since then. I imagine he would refuse such an offer, however. That would open him up to a whole lot more well-deserved teasing.

From: Malcolm Naylor, Ilkley.

It’s no surprise that the public is cynical and discouraged by politics. And many are boycotting local elections with disgust. But as bad as it is here in the UK, and it is bad, the global situation is much worse.

Low turnout in local elections and, more importantly, the response of the political establishment must be critically examined.

Will our distaste for politics be recognized or ignored? We know the answer to this question and the propaganda of the mainstream media will cover and conceal the failure of democracy and its lack of accountability.

However, just because the world’s democracies are vastly inferior to ours, we should not be grateful and accept what is given to us. There must be a better civilized way of life than we have now.

And at the heart of this failure is capitalism. It doesn’t matter who we ultimately vote for, it’s the billionaires who control everything.

The world is in crisis where the dictators of monarchies and republics are abusing the human population for their own benefit.

Those who refused to vote actually vote out of dissatisfaction with the system.

They shouldn’t feel guilty and voting ‘no’ is just as democratic as voting for someone they don’t know.

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