Dramatic arrest of a police suspect in San Pedro de Alcantara in Malaga


The National Police have made a dramatic arrest of a suspect in the Marbella municipality of San Pedro de Alcantara

As reported by the national gendarmerie this Thursday, May 19, the force made a dramatic arrest of a suspected criminal in the Marbella municipality of San Pedro Alcantara. Two other criminals were also arrested during “Operation Link”. The three men would be between 30 and 40 years old.

Realizing that the police were entering his building, the detainee tried to escape by climbing from his balcony on the fifth floor in the city of Malaga. He reached the third floor but then fell and became trapped. His dilemma for him led to the mobilization of firefighters to rescue him using a turntable ladder.

The three detainees – suspected of being linked to drug trafficking – were wanted by police for their involvement in a recent kidnapping attempt in Torremolinos that went wrong. They spotted a man who looked like their target and forced him into their vehicle. Upon realizing their mistake, the man was released from the car.

During today’s operation, officers located the home in San Pedro Alcantara of one of the suspects. Subsequently, a dramatic escape attempt ensued. A search of the detainee’s home revealed a revolver, €30,000 in cash, three kilos of marijuana, 100 grams of hashish, four frequency inhibitors, two satellite phones, two vehicles and a high-end watch.

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