Daily chaos plagues Malaga airport’s passenger pick-up area


Congestion issues for pre-booked taxi transfers at Malaga airport. / ÑITO SALAS

Taxi drivers fume over the congested pre-booked service area, causing traffic jams at entrances and delays for customers

Taxi associations and other driving professionals who provide pre-contracted transfer services for passengers at Malaga airport have criticized the size of the pick-up area. They blame airport operator Aena for the situation.

The car park, which has only about sixty spaces, regularly experiences traffic jams at peak times and even traffic jams at the entrances.

“It’s daily chaos, although it gets worse at weekends. We can’t all fit in and we can’t even leave the car in a double row to pick up customers because we’re blocking others colleagues. And if we pick them up in other areas, we end up being fined,” complains Antonio Cortés, a taxi driver from Torremolinos.

“It took a long time to happen. The traffic jams we experience to get there end up being paid for by customers,” says Antonio Hernández, who works as a driver.

“You arrive and you need more than 20 minutes to park, and in the meantime you have the customer waiting. It’s not good,” said Pepe Cortijo, a taxi driver from Marbella.

The only vehicles not affected by this problem are Uber drivers, as the company has obtained a 35-space parking concession in front of the T-3 exit. These drivers, with a minimum annual income of 25,000 euros, pay Aena 21% of their declared monthly income.

The president of the Costa del Sol Taxi Confederation, Miguel Ángel Martín, said: “In March, we asked Aena for more space because we knew that as soon as the activity increased, problems would arise. They must find a solution quickly because the summer is going to be very busy and it is essential to provide a good service”.


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