Burglar arrested robbing three different houses in one night in Fuengirola


National Police officers from the town of Fuengirola in Malaga arrested a burglar who allegedly robbed three different houses in one night.

As reported in a statement from the Provincial Police Station of Malaga this Sunday, July 24, a 44-year-old suspected burglar was arrested in the town of Fuengirola in Malaga for his alleged involvement in three crimes of robbery with force in three different houses in a night.

His arrest took place one morning last June, at dawn, on Avenida Finlandia in Fuengirola. A uniformed patrol observed a man who, noticing their presence, crouched down behind a vehicle. When the agents tried to identify him, he fled by running across the N-340.

He jumped over a property fence and suddenly got stuck. In an attempt to prevent his arrest, the man threw several pots at the police, who then arrested him.

During his escape attempt, the inmate threw several items on the road, including jewelry, tools and vehicle keys. Officers from the Fuengirola Local Police Fuengirola Robbery Group took over the ensuing investigation. They quickly verified that their detainee was staying with another person at a local hotel establishment.

While visiting the hotel, officers were told by hotel guests and staff that the person the arrested man was sharing a room with, another 30-year-old man, had dropped from the terrace of the building and had fled through the roofs adjoining the hotel. During his escape, he left two backpacks filled with objects, supposedly of illicit origin.

Further investigations have verified that the detainee would have participated in at least three robberies with force the same night in three different houses. They had all ignored his entrance as they slept. The victims immediately recognized objects belonging to them among the objects seized from the arrested person.

Officers confiscated a vehicle, jewelry, rings, bracelets, watches, tools, bags and clothing, and €2,553 in cash. Efforts to locate and arrest the other person under investigation continue, with police concluding that the detainee and his partner belong to a specialized, roving criminal group dedicated to the systematic perpetration of house robberies, as reported theopinionofmalaga.es.


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