Ana Peláez: “Everything goes through the head”


He said on his Instagram on April 2: “The results are not coming out. It’s time to breathe, analyze and continue to trust. The work is there.” Seven days later, that trust in the game itself paid off. And uppercase.

Ana Peláez (Málaga, 1998) is the impressive queen of the Comunidad de Madrid Ladies Open after ‘breaking’ the ‘Casa Club’ record of the Royal Automobile Club of Spain and a wonderful Sunday after which she attended MARCA.

It is present, future… And with a dream: that the Solheim Cup 2023 at Finca Cortesín live with its magic from the tee.

Ana Peláez, statements

Ana Peláez is a pure talent for golf, but she also joins a team that produces one of the most talented and charismatic athletes.

With Turismo Costa del Sol, Reale, the Pro Spain Team program of the Spanish Golf Federation, Galpe Seguros, Ford Garum Motor, Wiemspro and SdCGolf, the Malaga woman grows and continues her non-negotiable work with her coach Sergio de Céspedes and Óscar del River in the mental part.

“Everything goes through my head. Not just the daily effort, but also that of the team around me and my family. It’s not just my victory. The clock is ticking again. All the gears are well placed and since I arrived in Madrid we have done everything well.

We studied the course to perfection, we knew how to act at all times and that allowed my energy to remain intact until the last hole. If he started attacking, he would dislodge the others. I knew that and that would be the key to winning the tournament.

I went in with an aggressive mentality and the game went well for me. Birdie by birdie gave me a decisive advantage. I want to win. Always win. Now more than ever. We are at a very good level of play and we know that we can be up there, if the mind and the body are working, there are many possibilities to be up there.

“I had a pothole, but I had to get over it in that moment. I learned from what I felt and it helped me to value the things that I We will follow the Ladies European Tour calendar, with competition in France.

We will go home, and then having the card of the European circuit we will seek to reach the highest division. On a physical level, we give him a lot of “cane” and we continue to work hard to hit longer and better.

And as technical aspects we seek to reinforce everything, with an added touch of fluidity. Having everything “under control” doesn’t always help. Yes. The ‘Covid’ has passed and we are in fashion. Fantastic work is being done, the federation continues to work and there will be more names in Spanish golf. Especially for the passion that characterizes us”


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