Amazing hack to make sure you always get the best deal on flights


A woman has revealed a sneaky hack to make sure you always get the best deals on flights.

In a video posted on TikTokQueenie Tan aka @InvestWithQueenie, shared an awesome tip, telling users, “You have to try this google hack flights to find the cheapest flights!”

She guided subscribers through the easy online process, prompting people to visit “Google flight” on the Internet.

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Tan says don’t leave the “destination” part blank and just skip to clicking on the map that pops up. (TikTok/@InvestWithQueenie)

Tan told to leave the “destination” empty and go directly to click on the map that appears.

She says, “Go to Google flights, but don’t put a destination, then click on this map.”

Once she clicks on the map, a list of all the places you can travel appears next to the minimum prices for a return ticket from each destination.

She tells her followers, “For example, I can travel to Australia for less than $100 and I can even travel overseas for less than $400.”

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Once you click on the map, you'll find a variety of locations next to the minimum round-trip airfare.
Once you click on the map, you’ll find a variety of locations next to the minimum round-trip airfare. (TikTok/@QueenieHarvey)

The amazing backup hack has garnered a lot of attention on the internet, with people praising the TikToker for sharing its tips.

One user wrote: “Yessss! I do this all the time, it’s the best.

Earlier this month, a Sydney mum shared her secret to saving hundreds of people during family vacations. One of his best tips was to always use comparison booking sites.

“From accommodation to flights, car rental and travel insurance, there is a site specially designed to help you find the best deal on big-ticket vacation items,” wrote Nikolina Kharoufeh of 9Honey.

“While it may take you a little longer than just going directly to the supplier, booking through a comparison site gives you peace of mind that you are getting the best possible deal available at the time.”

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Save money on your next family vacation. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Sites such as Trivago and Combined hotels are perfect for accommodation options. For flights, head to sky scanner, Kayak or Webjet. And check Car rental or Expedia for car rentals.

Check out more of her tips for saving during the holidays here.

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