AAA predicts busy summer travel season, despite soaring gas prices


NEW YORK — Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and despite COVID-19[feminine] concerns, millions of people are expected to travel. But, it won’t be cheap.

To expect feel the pressure in your wallet if you decide to hit the road this weekend.

AAA just did a travel trend analysis for the holiday weekend. More than 39 million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home, an increase of 8.3% from last year.

“Usually if Memorial Day is busy, summer will be busy, and it looks really, really busy,” AAA Northeast’s Robert Sinclair Jr. told CBS News New York. “For the rest of the spring, through the summer and even into the fall, we’re seeing travel bookings up 25-50%.”

Gas prices are exorbitant, and prices in all three states are above the national average. The average price per gallon in New York is $5.04, in New Jersey $4.76 and in Connecticut $4.68.

“Despite the fact that gasoline is at almost all-time highs, people are taking advantage of a little extra time to get out and try to do something. They’ve been locked down for a few years, so there’s just like the wanderlust that grips the nation,” Sinclair said.

Air travel and hotels will cost travelers more this summer, according to AAA research. Hotel prices increased by 42%.

One bright spot is that daily car rentals are down 16% over the past year.


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