AAA: Increased interest in international travel from members as COVID winds down

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International travel is on the minds of AAA members, the agency said, as COVID-19 restrictions ease in the United States and abroad.

Since the start of 2022, AAA outlets have seen a 65% increase in travelers searching for passport photos compared to last year.

Demand is even greater for international driving licenses, according to AAA, which is up more than 186% from 2021.

“We actually encourage anyone planning to travel internationally to request currency seven weeks prior to their departure date because the demand is so high,” said Morgan Dean, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic in Virginia. , in the press release. “We want to be sure we can meet every request.”

The dollar-to-euro exchange rate is driving the increase in international travel, as the rate is the best it’s been in 20 years.

“The strong dollar represents savings for travelers in some of AAA Travel’s most popular destinations, including Paris, Amsterdam and Rome,” Dean said.

Despite the increase in requests for passport photos and international driving licenses, according to AAA, requests are still 20% lower than in 2019 before the pandemic began.

Nearly 20% of Virginians in a recent AAA travel survey said they were planning at least one international trip this summer.

AAA also provides travel counsellors, foreign exchange, radio frequency identification wallets and bags, TSA preclearance events, travel insurance, and expedited passport service.

AAA recommends working with a travel consultant. Despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, some pandemic-related complexities remain with travel. It is recommended to book flights, hotels, tours, cruises and car rentals early to get the best rate for your trip.

Most importantly, AAA recommends that travelers take extra steps to prevent identity theft by signing up for the Experian Identity Theft Protection service, which is free for all AAA members.


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