10 cool alternatives to TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor helps travelers with reviews of hotels, places to visit, and a wide range of travel-related information. If you are disappointed with TripAdvisor, you are looking for alternatives. When it comes to travel, you need options. Look no further than our ten cool TripAdvisor alternatives.

10.Google Maps

Google Maps doesn’t offer explicit travel reservations, which means you may end up on any of the sites above. However, Google takes reviews seriously and only publishes truthful and verified reviews. You can find almost any type of information on Google Maps, from restaurants, their dishes, hotels and prices to flights. However, we advise you to consult Google Flights for booking flights. Using Google Maps with a dedicated booking agent like Bookings.com will guarantee you the best of both worlds. You get an on-site review and photos from Google Maps, then the best rates from Bookings.com or another booking partner.

9. Zomato

Zomato is concise and straightforward with restaurant reviews. A bit like Yelp but very targeted. Zomato is free and includes menus for the restaurant you want to dine at. The app is one of its unique selling points as it is simple to use. The only downside to Zomato is its restaurant exclusivity, which means it’s not as comprehensive as Trip Advisor. Zomato is ideal for interstate travel.

8. Trivago

Trivago is one of the best alternatives to TripAdvisor. Like TripAdvisor, Trivago offers an all-in-one website with the lowest prices for hotel bookings. You can search for accommodations based on star rating, price, distance, and available amenities. Included with millions of reviews, you’re guaranteed to get as close to the hotel you want as possible. If you can’t find it on Trivago and Trip Advisor, it doesn’t exist.

7. Yapping

Yelp is an acclaimed review site that reviews everything from hotels to restaurants and all things travel. Yelp does not censor its reviews. You will know if a hotel in Luxor serves fantastic food but charges higher tips. Yelp covers in-depth reviews of millions of restaurants and things to do. You can select filters to narrow your search and find exactly what you are looking for in a restaurant. Yelp is primarily a restaurant review site. We prefer an all-in-one website for all of our travel-related needs.

6. Hotels.Com

Hotels.com is a hotel booking site only. The site allows you to search for hotels worldwide and find the best rates for your stay. Hotel.com’s unique proposition is the side-by-side comparison of the hotels you can choose from in the city you intend to visit. The site allows direct reservations and reservations and offers personalized discounts. You get the tenth night free for every ten nights you stay at a hotel booked through Hotels.com. The review system isn’t on par with Trip Advisor, but they make up for the reviews with free search and comparison.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb has become a family brand for vacation rentals. “Like Uber but for vacation rentals,” Airbnb offers an easy sign-up process for landlords. You can book a vacation rental to suit your budget in almost any country in the world with Airbnb. Airbnb has received good publicity due to its large housing stock and competitive rates. Airbnb’s main competitors are HomeAway and VRBO. You can also consult them.

4. Reservations.Com

Booking.com is a site offering hotel accommodations, motels, guesthouses and off-chain hostels around the world. The site offers over 40 languages, 1.5 million verified reviews and over 1 million active properties in over 227 countries, making it a truly international place for travel bookings. You should read the fine print before booking car rentals and flights. Booking com passes your payment information to the hotel rather than facilitating the payment for you. Charges may apply depending on local hotel policy.

3. Kayaking

Kayak is a meta search engine for hotels, accommodations and flights. The site aggregates information from all sites and websites, including its competitors, such as Orbitz, Flipkey and Trivago. You can find the best and cheapest rates for all travel-related products. The site has a built-in map interface that allows you to accurately determine the location of the hotel. The interface can be cluttered at times. Also, there is no facility rating, so you have to google the hotel. But overall, the millions of customers mean you get more truthful reviews. You can use Kayak with a dedicated trip planning site like Trivago for the ultimate couple.


Hotwire is primarily a budget hosting site. Many customers love Hotwire because of the uncensored reviews. You can find reliable information about a hotel you are planning to visit and the prices that come with it. Even better, if you bundle your bookings, you can get up to 60% off. There are daily discounts which make many customers hot for Hotwire. Hotwire markets itself as the go-to option for deals on flights, car rentals, and hotels.


Expedia is the go-to site for hotels, accommodations, car rentals and flight reservations. You can search for the best fares and pay via your travel points card. You also earn travel points by booking with Expedia and reviewing them. Points are redeemable for a free hotel stay. Expedia is linked to Travelocity and HomeAway, two of the biggest travel blogs, which means you have information you can trust. Expedia does not charge any cancellation fees. Also, the site has a route planner that notifies you of upcoming trips. Expedia is ideal for travelers looking for great deals on accommodations, flights, and car rentals.

Do your research

Our ten great alternatives to TripAdvisor point you in the right direction for travel-related bookings, from flights to car rentals. Ultimately, finding the right travel booking partner depends on your travel needs, such as whether you have accommodation or have other travel arrangements already made. Do your research to find the best rates and what works for you. Are there any alternatives you would like us to consider? Let us know – bon voyage this summer.


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