What should Airbnb launch in 2022?


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It’s worth reading, not only to appreciate the transparency of the product-oriented thinking of a now iconic giant company, but also to simply draw inspiration from some of these suggestions, and who knows, others. startups to come out of these ideas.

Rafat Ali

If Airbnb could launch something this year, what would it be? Airbnb Co-Founder and CEO Brian Chesky last asked this question in early 2017, when it was a private company, at the start of a more transparent phase of the business. controversial.

Five years and a pandemic later, Chesky has continued to become more accessible and transparent – at least on the product side, if not on the financial side – in the way he runs the business and as part of that has decided to raise at the question again, only this time as the CEO of a public company with a market cap of $ 110 billion. Of course, given the much larger size of the business and a large number of personal Twitter followers for it, responses poured in from all over the world, including many great startup ideas in and of themselves. and a lot of it features that would make a lot of sense for Airbnb. Or Vrbo, or any other hotel company for that matter.

With Chesky actively responding to many of the suggestions he liked – and also divulging some of those ideas that they are already actively working on or about to launch – the thread is worth reading. We picked out some of the ones we liked, including one of my own suggestions: that Airbnb should invest in a travel agency / travel advisor to actively help people, especially young families, plan and book vacations. I wouldn’t be surprised if Airbnb at some point considered acquiring a store in this space, to expand it.

Common requests: add better tools / services for co-working / digital nomadic living, services for families, better search, better ways to connect people staying at Airbnbs, connection to more local services, transparency of price – Chesky reiterated that Airbnb is working on it in a big now and launching something soon – and of course, the eternal demand to launch an airline and a loyalty program or a subscription service, and more.

One of my favorite suggestions: a way to find and book multiple Airbnbs around a location for larger groups or family reunions.


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