Telemarketers and robocalls top the list of NC consumer complaints in 2021 | Local News


By far the biggest complaint among North Carolina consumers in 2021 involved telemarketers and robocalls, according to the North Carolina Department of Justice’s list of top 10 complaints.

Telemarketers and robocalls top the list of consumer complaints in NC in 2021, attracting 36% of responses

PGBS // Wikimedia Commons

The department received 28,043 consumer complaints, of which telemarketing and robocalls accounted for 10,011, or 35.7%.

Telemarketing issues typically include unauthorized telemarketing scams, charitable solicitations, and violations of the National Do Not Call Registry.

“Caller bots continue to be a daily nuisance and a threat to our hard-earned dollars,” Attorney General Josh Stein said in a statement.

“I know how frustrating it is to get these calls and texts all the time. That’s why I’m leading the nationwide charge of partnering with other attorneys general, federal agencies and the phone companies to put in place technology solutions to stop robocalls and prosecute robocallers who scam North Carolinians.”

The closest other complaint categories were utilities with 1,949 complaints, or 6.9%, followed by credit cards with 1,648, or 5.9%

In fact, there were more telemarketing and robocall complaints than the next eight categories.

The rest of the top 10: motor vehicles at 1,363, or 4.9%; price rise to 1,353, or 4.8%; elderly fraud at 1,068, 3.9%; landlord-tenant disputes at 1,028, or 3.7%; home improvement at 861, or 3.1%; insurance at 616, or 2.2%; and professional services at 605, or 2.1%.


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