Sunset World Group begins 2022 by celebrating its 30th anniversary


In 2022, Sunset World Group celebrates its 30th anniversary in this beautiful destination. In 1992 the business started and has grown into a successful Mexican family business that offers many vacation services. The business includes six hotels, a marina, a travel agency, car rental, transportation services, spas, a natural park and more. The most recent addition to its services is Med Spa and Cosmetic Dentistry with cosmetic and dental treatments, which is open to the public and offers attractive discounts for Club Sunset and Club Hacienda Tres Ríos members.

In 2021, Sunset World Group renovated its facilities and added amenities and services in order to celebrate in style with its members and guests in 2022. The new facilities include renovated rooms, children’s areas, water slides, a children’s pool and a playground. The program of activities, which has been appreciated and praised by members and guests, now includes a shopping tour by scooter in the shopping centers of the hotel zone, a ride in Jungle Kart in the natural park of Tres Ríos, Hobie Cat sailing and archery, in addition to the activities that already existed.

The culinary offer now includes two new restaurants and two Mexican food festivals, during which members and guests can discover this intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Constantly reinventing itself over its 30 years of existence, Sunset World Group has been recognized nationally and internationally with prestigious awards from industry organizations such as ARDA, Travel Weekly, World Travel, Green Globe , SECTUR/SESA, Skal and TripAdvisor, mainly for its quality. sustainable service and programs. It is worth mentioning that four of the company’s hotels have won the RCI Gold Crown award every year since their opening.

Speaking of transformation and sustainability, Sunset World Group has been running an energy efficiency program in its six hotels since 2014, which has significantly reduced its carbon footprint. In addition, since February 2020, all of its hotels are supplied with mainly clean and renewable energy that is produced in Mexican wind farms and geothermal power plants.

“We have many celebrations planned which of course involve our members and guests, who are our primary focus,” commented Annie Arroyo, Director of Brand and Communications, Sunset World Group. “Our events…Sunset Boat Parade in February, Hacienda Tres Ríos Triathlon in May, Member Fest in June and Mexico Fashion Show in the fall, will all be special editions. We will also hold a birthday party in each hotel, organize several food festivals and have many surprises every month,” she added.

Sunset World Group is a Mexican family-owned company and a leader in the hospitality industry, providing authentic and unforgettable vacation experiences in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. It was founded 30 years ago and has grown to offer six resorts, world-class travel services, amenities and a diverse network of operational and marketing solutions that aim to deliver the best vacation experiences in its members and guests. From cultural excursions to water sports, Sunset World members are never far from their next great adventure.

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