Subscription company EV Autonomy launches Tesla Model 3 rental fleet


Autonomy, a company owned by vehicle subscription platform NextCar, has launched a new electric and zero-emission vehicle subscription program with the Tesla Model 3.

Autonomy’s goal is the same as that of its parent company: to provide a subscription-based program that combines a monthly car payment, insurance, and other applicable fees into one monthly payment. Drivers can order their vehicles and collect them in less than 10 minutes by providing their driver’s license and a form of digital payment, Autonomy said in a statement. Press release.

The difference between Autonomy and NextCar is simply in the powertrains. Autonomy will combine the NextCar subscription platform with the all-electric, sustainable powertrain of electric vehicles. The Model 3 is the first vehicle to launch under the Autonomy brand, marking the start of the company’s all-new vehicle fleet, arguably the most popular in the electric segment.

“Electric vehicles have reached a tipping point, and it’s clear that the Tesla Model 3 is the Prius of this generation.” Scott Painter, founder and CEO of Autonomy, said. “Financial responsibility and debt avoidance are also at an inflection point and subscriptions have become a ubiquitous and enduring business model and a cornerstone of modern digital life.”

The Tesla Model 3 Subscription Program through Autonomy will feature a monthly contract structure after a minimum term of three months. The entire subscription can be managed through Autonomy’s Smartphone app.

Scott Painter, Co-Founder and CEO of Autonomy (PRNewsfoto/Autonomy)

Autonomy will officially equip certain low-mileage versions of the Model 3 when the program begins in the coming months. The cost of the subscription includes “routine maintenance and roadside assistance. Consumers have the ability to customize their monthly payments as low as $550 one month (with a $5,500 start-up costs) up to $1,000 per month (with start-up costs as low as $1,000). A $500 security deposit is required upon subscription activation.

Currently, Autonomy only leases vehicles in California, but has announced that it will open new markets soon. The company plans to expand rapidly, and California was its first choice due to the concentration of electric vehicles in the market.

Painter said the company’s name doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the functionality of the vehicle, but rather with the term’s application to everyday life. “Self-reliance is a big idea, and whether it’s freedom from long-term debts, commitments, complications, confrontations, or fossil fuels, everyone can relate to the desire for greater autonomy in life,” he said.

Autonomy raised $83 million in debt and equity financing to support the launch of the new vehicle fleet.

The future of transportation is zero-emission vehicles. At Autonomy, we are accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility by providing consumers with flexible access to electric vehicles at affordable monthly payments,” said Georg Bauer, co-founder and president of Autonomy. “Vehicle subscriptions reduce barriers to EV adoption, providing a low-commitment option with lower upfront costs. It’s perfect for people who are interested in EVs but aren’t ready to switch.” long-term commitment due to cost concerns or range anxiety.

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Subscription company EV Autonomy launches Tesla Model 3 rental fleet


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