Police hold open-air roll call following complaints about reported unlicensed car rental company operating on side street in Mayfair – Nadig Newspapers



The 17th District (Albany Park) and Alderman Samantha Nugent (39th) held an open-air police roll call on Tuesday evening November 9 in the 4500 block of North Kildare Avenue following reports of reports. of an alleged unlicensed car rental company operating for months inside a house on the block.

Some residents have complained about parking congestion on the area’s side streets due to congestion with rental cars, and the city’s Department of Commercial Affairs and Consumer Protection has issued tickets against it. company, which rents cars through the Turo app.

“(Inspectors) issued a citation to the owner (in block 4500) of Avenue N. Kildare for authorizing the continuation of the unlicensed car rental business after a notice came into effect. to curtail unlicensed activities on August 31, 2021. Also, BACP has issued citations to the operators of the car rental business for operating from a residential location, ”the department said in a statement.

Turo is designed as an online marketplace for vehicle owners to temporarily rent their cars to individuals, in the same way that owners rent their homes as a vacation rental through sites such as Airbnb.

A woman said on the call some older people had left the neighborhood because they could no longer park near their homes and other residents could be seen carrying groceries a block away or two from their car to their home.

During the call, police told residents to expect increased enforcement of vehicles in the area in an attempt to stop “unwanted” activity. After the call, officers could be seen checking cars parked on Kildare for expired license plates.

Nugent worked with the 17th arrondissement and commercial affairs, buildings and legal services to resolve the issue, according to an alderman adviser.

At least 20 different vehicles have reportedly been available for hire through the company, the assistant said.

Residents reported seeing tenants checking the door handles of parked cars because they couldn’t find the vehicle they hired, the assistant said. The doors of the rented vehicles are apparently sometimes opened remotely by the owner as the rental begins, the assistant said.

In some cases, tenants were asked to park the vehicle on nearby North Keokuk Avenue when it was returned, according to some of the posts on Turo.

The Alderman is not opposed to residents renting their private car for periods when they may not be using it, but that the apparent volume of rentals on Kildare constitutes an activity that should be located in an area commercial, said the assistant.


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