Police arrest gang of five violent bank robbers exploiting Spain

The police arrest a gang of five violent bank robbers who operated throughout Spain. picture: national police

Violent gang of Italian bank robbers arrested by national police

National police arrested five members of a roving criminal group of bank robbers who specialize in using firearms to intimidate, and had carried out burglaries in various communities, including Malaga.

As reported by the national police, the modus operandi used by those arrested – of Italian origin – was to constantly change their address and location, which testifies to a high geographical mobility along the Catalan coast, Alicante, Murcia and Malaga,

The investigators managed to clarify two thefts, committed during the months of September and October, in banking establishments in Alicante and Murcia. In addition, the police carried out three searches in Barcelona, ​​Orihuela in Alicante and Marbella in the province of Malaga.

During these searches, many clothes and other items used in the execution of the robberies were found, as well as €49,000 in cash, divided into €50 and €100 notes.

Officers began their investigation last October when they learned of a robbery at a bank in Murcia. In this robbery, the perpetrators immobilized the employees and customers who were inside with cable ties, and stole €344,335.

After the first investigations, they realized that this event could be linked to another that had occurred a month earlier, also in a bank branch in Alicante, in which two individuals intimidated those present with pistols.

Finally, the investigators had sufficient evidence to establish a link between the two thefts, determining that the perpetrators belonged to a criminal group of Italian origin, more precisely from the city of Naples.

The alleged gang members had a high standard of living, which could not be justified by any professional activity. Surveillance revealed extensive travel, dining, car rental and hotel accommodation in various Spanish cities.

The five detainees have histories of theft and other property crimes in Spain, Italy and Belgium. In addition, one of them had been sentenced by the Italian courts to 14 years in prison, in connection with the offenses of aggravated theft, kidnapping and criminal association.

Two of the material perpetrators of the thefts have entered prison by court order, while efforts continue to try to locate a sixth member of the criminal group, also suspected of being the material perpetrator of a theft in Murcia, awaiting of arrest, as reported 101tv.es.


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