Ohio family has 3 Kias stolen in less than a week


Katie Conn said her family had three Kias stolen in less than a week. Thieves targeted the car brand because of a missing anti-theft device.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – You can probably imagine how frustrating it would be to have your car stolen. How would you feel if you had more than one car stolen in less than a week?

“I was like, are you kidding me, of all things, the car is stolen,” Katie Conn said.

Conn woke up Saturday to a text from her parents saying her father’s Kia Sportage had been stolen.

“It’s just mind-boggling to me that this happened,” Conn said.

Then, five days later, his mother’s Kia, and the Kia his father had rented to replace his stolen Kia was missing. Three Kia stolen from the same family in less than a week.

“People need to be aware, don’t get caught up in it,” Conn said.

The issue affects base Kia and Hyundai models that use a physical key to start the car. The cars lack an anti-theft device, so they can be started without the key.

In the space of three weeks, just over 400 cars were stolen in the city of Columbus.

Of these, 45 Kia were stolen and 68 Hyundai were stolen.

“We were shocked to know that this is a problem right now. Nobody really knew,” Conn said.

Kia says they fix the problem with all new vehicles, but Columbus police say there’s a way to protect your car from thieves.

“Go buy the club and put it on your cars to secure your car,” Columbus Police Commander Duane Mabry said.

Conn says his family has always owned Kias, but that could change.

“They’re going to pick up their next rental car. My dad told the car rental company “we don’t want Kia”.

Kia has sent 10TV a statement about this criminal trend saying they say they are aware of the issue and that new model Kias will all have an engine immobilizer.

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