Exotic car rentals can amp up an amazing night


Looking to ride in style?

Maybe you have a special occasion – a marriage proposal, an important business meeting or a hot date that’s going to be the bomb – and a luxury car can turn an amazing evening into something completely special.

Shift Rentals offers a wide range of exotic cars that can make you feel like old money for a day or two.

Elias Gonzalez, who accumulated smart games to make money on the stock market, used his money to open the business in South Florida, living a longtime dream of having his own business and his own success.

A gutted blue Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV is classy, ​​with a sleek black exterior and cobalt blue and black interior, while a Camaro 22S convertible is speed, muscle and freedom combined.

Perhaps a Mercedes-Benz C 63 sedan, a sleek and sophisticated drive, is more your style. Or a McClaren 570GT with gullwing doors, a striking red car with a bold burnt orange interior. A Bentley Bentayga also attracts attention, but there are others: an Aston Martin, a Ferrari Spider, a Corvette C8, a Jaguar, etc.

There are so many gorgeous luxury cars that the rental company acknowledges on Facebook: “When you come to our store, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to choose, but you’ll have fun in whatever you choose.”

An exotic automotive phenomenon

Here’s the thing. Gonzalez is only 21 and he already owns three rental locations – one in the colorful city of Miami, one in his home state of New Jersey and one in New York.

“In just 6 months, Shift Rentals has become one of the largest rental companies in the South Florida region and we are working on expanding into multiple regions across the United States,” Gonzalez said.

He opened Shift Rentals shortly after earning an associate’s degree in business, while spending his Dairy Queen salary investing in the stock market, using tips he learned from a YouTube video.

From stock trader to car guru

He became a stock trader and helped many people earn enough money to profit from his second business, Shift Rentals.

Luxury cars have always fueled his passion. His stock trading was just a means to a seemingly unattainable goal.

“My passion for cars led me to choose this career,” Gonzalez said. “The best way to own and use exotic cars is to rent them to earn money and enjoy the cars you love.”

His infatuation with the cars that are part of his rental fleet is more than evident when he strolls down a palm-lined street in Miami in a Facebook video, promising not to say much so viewers can hear car noise. , engine of high personality.

For more information on Shift Rentals, priced competitively and attracting more businesses than regulars, visit https://www.shiftrentalsllc.com/. They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram at @shiftrentals.

Posted on January 25, 2022


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