Dr. Ennis to launch innovative self-driving car rental company


Dr. Ennis Launches Innovative Self-Driving Car Rental Company Sandre Ennis, the esteemed Jamaican influencer and entrepreneur, better known as Dr. Ennis, is poised to shape the car rental industry into his own exciting vision . The 28-year-old social media protagonist who has been featured on mainstream outlets such as Fox News, NBC and CBS wants to change the structure of the car rental business by implementing technology that would dramatically change the way consumers experience car rental services. “I want to provide convenient, safe and affordable car rentals for everyone. With my company, a customer will be able to rent a car tailored to their specific needs and it will be delivered right to their doorstep without any human intervention,” said Dr. at Yahoo Finance.

In unveiling this ambitious new venture, Sandre joins forces with co-founder Hugh Chambers. Hugh, a successful Jamaican-born entrepreneur known for building successful businesses such as Fix It Now LLC and The Growr LLC, seeks to team up with Sandre and evolve a rental concept, initially inspired by their shared experiences. as business partners. offering car rental services through popular apps such as Turo and Getaround. The duo are no strangers to the inner workings and complications of the car rental environment. According to Hugh, “he has tested the waters for himself, analyzed the pros and cons of the industry, and now aspires to apply what he thinks is the right solution to remedy some of these disadvantages”. “Our plan is to ease travel hassles for our customers. Our plan is to change the game. Gone are the days of scrambling to rent a car. Gone are the days of having to get out of your house and go through all the the cumbersome process of acquiring a lease vehicle. We want to eliminate all of those inconveniences; we want to make it as easy as technologically possible for someone to lease a vehicle,” Hugh told Yahoo Finance.

Ai Smart Drive LLC is the name of the Florida-based company that Dre promises to be a game changer in car rental within the next three years. At the heart of its business model is the application of advanced technology that will enable rental cars to deliver themselves. The company also plans to offer an app that will be available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. A rental customer will be able to choose their preferred vehicle from a vast fleet of options, choose the date, time and location they need, while the car, SUV or truck will be delivered right to their doorstep. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Dr. Ennis explained the unique services that Ai Smart Drive intends to offer. “What we plan to do is elevate the rental experience for people and with elevation comes innovation and leaner. We want to innovate operations within the rental industry while alleviating much of the burden associated with car rental.The vehicle will be delivered to the customers doorstep as desired without delay.All our vehicles will be designed with state-of-the-art technology that allows them to be driven in a autonomously to designated locations without any human operating them. Also, our customers will not need to drop off the vehicle, as the technology applied in the vehicles will perform this task on behalf of the customer. Dre told Yahoo finance.

Dre was tight-lipped when asked about a specific operational date for his new venture. However, the social media influencer turned entrepreneur assured investors and potential clients that the wait was worth it. “Whether you’re planning a road trip out of town or looking for a convenient solution for an emergency, my business will be a safe haven. With a self-drive car rental from Ai Smart Drive, you will have the freedom to move around and explore the area at your own pace.” Dr. Ennis affirmed.

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